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May 112016

Ace-Attorney-Spirit-of-JusticeAce Attorney 6 has an English title and release window!

Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney – Spirit of Justice will be available in North America and Europe this September, although a specific date hasn’t been given yet.

Like Dual Destinies, it will be digital-only. That’s disappointing, but at least we’re getting the game! It will cost $29.99.

Interestingly, the announcement says Phoenix will travel to the Kingdom of Khura’in, the origin of the Kurain Channeling Technique. While it looks odd, apparently the Japanese game writes the two Kurains differently, so this is the localization’s way of conveying that.

It looks like Leifa has been localized as Rayfa, too. Maybe they want to avoid the Star Wars reference? Bokuto has become Ahlbi Ur’gaid. Subtle.

Meanwhile, Apollo will deal with a case that has “massive implications.”

Of course, an epic new trailer accompanied this news! Let’s take a look.

Very exciting. It’s a lot of what we’ve already seen, but I find it interesting that Apollo’s line about Nayuta, which caused so many theories when it was first shown, has been changed from facing “that person” to “confronting the familiar.”

Is there more significance to Apollo vs. Nayuta than we thought? Why would he be “familiar”?

But believe it or not, the excitement doesn’t end there. Court-Records learned that the Japanese Ace Attorney 6 demo includes strings that reference a Special Episode called “Turnabout Across Time.”

This isn’t one of the pre-order bonus episodes, and “Special Episode” was the term used for Dual Destinies’ Turnabout Reclaimed. It looks like Spirit of Justice will have a full-fledged DLC case of its own. And according to Court-Records, it will have an unannounced returning character…

The official art also shows Edgeworth and Blackquill, which suggests both will appear in the main game.

An English title, release window, trailer, and hints of a DLC case? I’m more excited for this game than ever! What do you think about Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney – Spirit of Justice?

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  2 Responses to “Ace Attorney: Spirit of Justice Comes West in September”

  1. September is earlier than I thought! I really thought it’d be, uh, 2017 to get to America.

    June in Japan and September in America is really fast, so props to Capcom.

    No props to Capcom for re-using the word JUSTICE in Ace Attorney titles, and those apostrophes and accents are gonna bother me forever.

    • Yeah! I’m happy we’re getting it this year after all.

      Dual Destinies was pretty similar. July in Japan, October here.

      Someone mentioned that every even-numbered Ace Attorney game so far has “Justice” in the title.

      Also, I had a typo in Bokuto’s localized name, which messed up the pun. It’s fixed now.

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