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Oct 052016

final-fantasy-xv-mooglesYesterday, Square Enix launched a countdown to new information about Final Fantasy XV. Before long, it was revealed that the countdown would show the role Moogles play in Final Fantasy XV.

And when the countdown ended… we learned that Moogles will be items in Final Fantasy XV.

“Moogle dolls and goods” can be used as a “lucky charm” when you’re in trouble. So far, they haven’t explained how these items will help.

Final Fantasy VI had a Moogle Charm item that prevented random encounters. While Final Fantasy XV has no random encounters, maybe it wards away enemies. Maybe a Moogle toy will be a one-use item that lets you survive a fatal blow or something similar. Maybe it will summon a special Astral when you’re in danger. Those are my theories.

The greatest surprise is why they felt this needed a countdown. As for the Moogles themselves, this approach makes sense.

Moogles were once planned for Final Fantasy XV, since they’re a recurring staple of the series, but then they were dropped because they didn’t fit the world.

Square Enix later let fans vote on the issue, and both Japanese and Western audiences overwhelmingly said they wanted Moogles in Final Fantasy XV. Tabata responded by saying there will be a “fun little way” to include a non-chatty Moogle. Sounds like Moogle toys were pretty much to be expected at that point.

To celebrate the announcement, Square Enix is currently holding a new Twitter promotion. The more followers the official Twitter account gets, the more rewards will be unlocked, until they finally conclude with some sort of Moogle video, perhaps showing Final Fantasy XV’s Moogles in action.

What do you think about the role Moogles will play in Final Fantasy XV? Are you satisfied, or were you hoping for live Moogle characters? How do you think this “lucky charm” will function?

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