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May 082017

When we discussed the potential tease for Bayonetta 3, I mentioned hints that Vanquish would also be coming to PC.

Vanquish is a third-person shooter developed by PlatinumGames. When the PC version of Bayonetta was updated solely to add a Vanquish avatar to its files, fans took it as a sign that Vanquish was on its way.

Today, Sega added fuel to the fire by tweeting an image that reads “2017” next to the logo used by the Order of the Russian Star, the Russian regime in Vanquish.

This, together with the avatar, make it pretty likely that Vanquish will be available on the PC this year.

I’ve never played Vanquish, but since I enjoyed the Bayonetta games so much (and to a lesser extent, The Wonderful 101), I’m interested in anything from PlatinumGames.

For those of you who have played Vanquish, what is it like? Do you recommend it?

Share your thoughts on Vanquish and its potential PC release in the comments below!

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