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Jun 102017

It’s here! E3 2017 begins today. What surprises will it have in store for us?

E3 2017 Press Conference Schedule

EA – June 10 at 12 PM Pacific Time / 3 PM Eastern Time
Microsoft – June 11 at 2 PM Pacific Time / 5 PM Eastern Time
Bethesda – June 11 at 9 PM Pacific Time / Midnight Eastern Time (June 12)
Devolver Digital – June 11 at 10 PM Pacific Time / 1 AM Eastern Time (June 12)
PC Gaming – June 12 at 10 AM Pacific Time / 1 PM Eastern Time
Ubisoft – June 12 at 1 PM Pacific Time / 4 PM Eastern Time
Sony – June 12 at 6 PM Pacific Time / 9 PM Eastern Time
Nintendo – June 13 at 9 AM Pacific Time / 12 PM Eastern Time

As you can see, the press conferences are spread out across several days this year. Let’s take a look at E3 2017 and see if any of my latest hopes and predictions will come true.

Table of Contents

Devolver Digital
PC Gaming
Miscellaneous Games

EA’s 2017 Press Conference

EA’s press conferences tend to be hit or miss for me, since I only like a few of their games. It started with a drum line and then launched into a discussion of Madden 18 and its story mode.

This was followed by the new Battlefield 1 expansion, In the Name of the Tsar, and then they moved on to FIFA 18 for a long discussion of soccer. The game will also have a story mode that sounds like it’s a sequel to the previous FIFA game’s story mode, since it features the same fictional player, Alex Hunter.

Then they revealed the next Need for Speed game, Need for Speed Payback.

But then it was finally on to something that interests me more, a quick discussion of the EA Originals program followed by the announcement of A Way Out. It’s a co-op game about two guys breaking out of prison, so it doesn’t really sound like my sort of thing, but it actually was fairly interesting.

From there, they briefly talked about the upcoming Xbox One Scorpio and its capabilities, and then moved on to another exciting announcement: a new IP from BioWare called Anthem.

They haven’t said too much about Anthem yet, but we’ll get to see more of it at Microsoft’s press conference tomorrow.

That was the high point for me, as they moved on to NBA Live 18, a free week for EA Access and Origin Access, and then Star Wars Battlefront II. The Battlefront games have never particularly appealed to me, but here, the story mode actually sounds interesting enough to tempt me.

Finally, they ended the show with the Star Wars mobile game, Galaxy of Heroes, and how on June 15, players will be able to get Admiral Thrawn…

Aaaah! Thrawn!

And that news immediately lifted my impression of the press conference.

Overall, EA’s press conference felt rather short, with only a handful of game announcements, but this is just the start of E3. Let me know what you thought of the press conference in the comments!

Now, while we wait for tomorrow’s show, let me look into this mobile game and figure out what I’ll need to do to get my favorite Star Wars villain

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  4 Responses to “E3 2017 Part 1: Schedule and EA”

  1. The highlights were that A Way Out game (because that’s actually trying to do something NEW!) and… Alex Hunter returning.

    I’m telling you, the Internet loves to search for Alex Hunter, so I am doing you a favour by name-dropping him here.

    Have fun watching Devolver Digital at 1 AM.

    • So this Alex Hunter stuff is actually a big deal?

      I’ll be up for Bethesda’s anyway, so it won’t be bad to stay longer for Devolver Digital’s. They’ve actually been involved with at least one thing I like, so maybe it’ll be a good show, too.

      • The EA E3 2016 log article beat all of the other E3 2016 logs in view count by many times over because of Alex Hunter searches. It got a massive spike when FIFA 2017 actually was at release. A lot of people were wondering if he was a real dude. (I don’t think our reaction log answered that question, though.) And, like, the clickthrough rate for Alex Hunter searches was terrible, but there were just thousands and thousands of impressions that it didn’t matter.
        People actually do want stories in their sports games. I’m happy EA learned that.
        I’m not happy that EA still doesn’t know how to do a press conference.

        Who knows how long Devolver Digital will go for. I ain’t even heard of them. I have a phone interview for 10 AM Monday so I’d rather sleep. Hell, I’d rather sleep than watch Bethesda’s, but alas.

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