Operation Backlog Completion 2024
Nov 182020

Square Enix has opened up a new website for The World Ends With You displaying a countdown to a date when more information will be revealed.

With the anime on the horizon, you might assume the new countdown is related to that, but there are a few reasons why that seems unlikely.

First, the anime has its own website.

Second, the official Twitter account for the anime did not share the link to the countdown page.

Third and most significantly, the official Twitter account for Square Enix’s 1st Development Division did, in addition to changing their Twitter avatar and header to match.

All of these things make it feel incredibly likely that the news coming at the end of this countdown is not related to the anime at all, but to a game.

Of course, hoping for a TWEWY sequel has ended in disappointment many times in the past, such as during the infamous 2012 countdown that ended up being for the mobile port of The World Ends With You, which in turn teased a sequel that came to nothing before being referenced again in the Final Remix’s new content. So I’m bracing myself for this to be for a mobile port of The World Ends With You: Final Remix.

But I really want a The World Ends With You sequel, so here’s hoping this is actually the news we’ve been waiting for! What do you think the countdown is for?

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  3 Responses to “New TWEWY Countdown Suggests Possible Sequel (Please)”

  1. Something you wanted to happen ACTUALLY ended up happening?

  2. […] countdown ended this morning, and a sequel to The World Ends With You was officially […]

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