Operation Backlog Completion 2024
Jun 032015

I am back!

As you probably know, I went from anticipating the Wild Hunt to not having a functional PC. Now its cooling system (the actual culprit) has been replaced, my new graphics card is installed, and I’m back in action!

So, what did I do during my time without a PC? I used my Wii U.

Wii_U_logoI’ve enjoyed my Wii U since I got it, especially after the release of Bayonetta 2 (no, I’m not tired of talking about how great it was). I loved Bayonetta 2 so much, it alone was justification to have a Wii U.

But after this computer debacle? I love my Wii U more than ever.

See, I can get a wi-fi signal in my usual haunt, but it’s weak and unstable. Wired Internet connections are my friend. I’d just bought an ethernet adapter so I could take the Wii U online, and this meant I could get a better connection with my Wii U than with my iPad. The Wii U’s Internet browser can’t do everything–but it can do a lot.

That blog post announcing my delay? I wrote it from my Wii U. I used my Wii U to help me stay on track with my freelance writing. I used it to chat with friends while I worked on stories. I used it to keep up to date with gaming news–and all the exciting announcements I couldn’t share here.

All this quality time with my Wii U also gave me reason to finally return to EarthBound, which I played a tiny bit of back when I first got my Wii U and then abandoned for other things. In between writing and working, I played EarthBound… and finished it.

So stay tuned for a catch-up article on video game news, my thoughts on EarthBound, and maybe a few E3 predictions before the big event arrives! In the meantime, tell me if you use your Wii U for more than just gaming… and if you don’t have one yet, why not?

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  6 Responses to “Without a PC, I Used my Wii U”

  1. You won’t get Amazon referral credit for it, but the best way you can get a Wii U right now is the Best Buy Splatoon bundle.


    I use the Wii U for Miiverse and games and occasionally the Internet browser to read KoopaTV/GameFAQs.

  2. Everyone should want Splatoon.

    Much better than that 3D World crap.

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