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Jun 132016

In past years, Sony’s E3 press conference has often been one of my favorites of the show. Let’s see if they can deliver again this year!

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Sony’s E3 2016 Press Conference

Sony’s press conference had an unusual opening. A extremely sinister man walked up the aisle (seriously, he was a cape away from looking like a video game villain) and began conducting an orchestra, which launched into equally sinister music complete with chanting.

This concert went on for a bit.

At last, they shifted to gameplay footage from a new God of War game. I’ve never played a God of War game, but it didn’t look like I expected. Still, it was interesting. Definitely a strong start for Sony’s show.

Next, they showed a zombie-ish game called Days Gone. It was one of the weakest announcements of the show for me, but they soon switched to The Last Guardian. The Last Guardian, which hung in Limbo for so long, is finally coming out on October 25. I still haven’t played Ico or Shadow of the Colossus, but I’ll be interested to see reviews of The Last Guardian.

The best thing about Sony’s press conference was that it was almost pure gameplay. Instead of filling up time with features, hardware, and nice words, the majority of the show focused on trailer after trailer. (And when people did walk on stage, epic music from the orchestra accompanied them.)

Horizon: Zero Dawn was a fan-favorite last year even if it didn’t catch me, and it was up next. Then, they showed a game I’m pretty interested in, Detroit: Become Human.

I was intrigued by it before, but the new trailer was really cool.

And then… they showed a horror game.

It was pretty creepy. It held my attention. I wanted to know what it was. Could it be Silent Hill? A scary new IP?

No. It was…

I couldn’t believe my eyes when that named appeared.

Resident Evil? Resident Evil that looks like horror again?! I want to believe.

There’s a PS4 demo available to PlayStation Plus users tonight, so we should hear more about the gameplay soon. It also will be compatible with PlayStation VR.

Some people are upset since it looks like it’s a first-person game, but I’m too excited over the possibility of survival horror Resident Evil 7!

Ahem. They talked more about PlayStation VR and compatible games, including a shooter called Farpoint, an X-Wing VR mission for Star Wars Battlefront, and a Batman VR game.

Final Fantasy XV joined the VR crowd, too, with the Final Fantasy XV VR Experience where you play as Prompto.

Seems kinda weird to me, but I’m still not convinced VR is the way of the future.

After all that excitement, they were due to show something I wouldn’t find as interesting… so it was time for an extended look at Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare, as well as Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered.

And then… music started playing.

Familiar music.

Crash Bandicoot music.

So I freaked out. Again.

Crash-in-SkylandersNow, the main announcement was that Crash Bandicoot is going to be in the new Skylanders game, Skylanders Imaginators, but that’s not all. Oh no, no, not at all.

The original Crash Bandicoot trilogy is being remastered for the PS4. The remastered Crash Bandicoot collection will be out in 2017.

Yeah! Crash is back! It’s not the same as a new game, but this is a definite step in the right direction.

Lego Star Wars: The Force Awakens took the stage next, but soon it was time for a legend to appear!

Epic music played as Hideo Kojima walked onto the stage, and he finally revealed the mysterious game he has in the works.

Wow. Death Stranding.

I’m not sure what it is. I’m not sure what I just watched. But I’m seriously intrigued. It definitely looks interesting, and I want to know more. I wanted to see more right then. I want to see more now!

Then they showed a Spiderman game for the PS4, and returned to Days Gone for some gameplay I didn’t care about. A final montage of PlayStation games closed the conference.

Well, that was exciting.

As far as I’m concerned, Sony has claimed the lead this E3. Unless Nintendo has something spectacular in store, Sony won for me. So much from this conference looked awesome, and I really appreciate the focus on trailers. Game after game after game.

(I wish they showed more Kingdom Hearts, but we can’t have everything.)

What did you think of Sony’s E3 2016 press conference?

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  11 Responses to “E3 2016 Part 5: Strong Showing from Sony”

  1. I don’t understand why everyone else thinks Sony had some strong or amazing showing.

    I watched it. I didn’t care about it at really any point in time. Days Gone was, like, actually pretty bad.

    I don’t believe in giving a company awards because they’re remastering games, either.

  2. I love my Crash Bandicoot and it looks like God Of War has changed pretty while since the last main game in the series was 3 and this game and it’s gameplay is very different than the first 3 in the series. lol


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