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Jun 122016

Another E3 has begun!


E3 2016 Press Conference Schedule:

EA – June 12 at 1 PM Pacific Time / 4 PM Eastern Time
Bethesda – June 12 at 7 PM Pacific Time / 10 PM Eastern Time
Microsoft – June 13 at 9:30 AM Pacific Time / 12:30 PM Eastern Time
PC Gaming – June 13 at 11 AM Pacific Time / 2 PM Eastern Time
Ubisoft – June 13 at 1 PM Pacific Time / 4 PM Eastern Time
Sony – June 13 at 6 PM Pacific Time / 9 PM Eastern Time

Although Nintendo does not have a press conference or digital show, Nintendo Treehouse will begin streaming on June 14 at 9 AM Pacific Time / 12 PM Eastern Time.

This year, I have a new set of pipe dreams as well as some serious predictions, so let’s begin our look at E3 2016.

Table of Contents

PC Gaming
Nintendo Treehouse & Miscellaneous

No surprise announcements ahead of time this year, so let’s start with the first press conference.

EA’s E3 2016 Press Conference

EA has a lot of franchises I don’t particularly care for, so its press conferences aren’t often high on my list.

This time, they started off with Titanfall 2. Unlike the original, it has a single-player mode. This makes me moderately more interested, but I’m still not sold on Titanfall.

After that, sports games took center stage, as often happens with EA.

Now, there are a few EA games I’m interested in… such as Mass Effect: Andromeda!

I was really looking forward to Andromeda news, but I don’t feel like I know much more than I did yesterday. The premise of entering an alien galaxy is interesting, but the trailer didn’t really show much. I want to know more about Andromeda’s story and how its gameplay will compare to the previous Mass Effect games.

They promised more details for the fall, so I’ll be patient.

Andromeda’s time ended far too quickly. After a brief explanation of EA Access and a new feature called Play to Give, they moved on to FIFA 17… which has an all-out story mode. Story mode, however, is not enough to convince me.

Then they referenced last year’s E3, where they showed Unravel. Although I haven’t played that adorable little platformer yet, it interested me. This gave me hope I’d like whatever they showed next… and I did!

EA has launched a new program called EA Originals, designed to work with small developers to deliver unique experiences, and the first one is a game called Fe.

It looks cute and pretty interesting, so I’ll be keeping my eye on Fe.

And then it was Star Wars time! Yeah! I love Star Wars games!

Well, they didn’t have too much to show. There’s going to be a new Battlefront, as well as a couple other Star Wars games.

Visceral-Games-Star-Wars-concept-art Visceral Games and Amy Hennig are making an action-adventure Star Wars game that tells and original story with new characters.

They showed off some concept art (pictured) and a few seconds of gameplay.

Respawn Entertainment is also working on a third-person action-adventure Star Wars game, which is set in “different era.” They showed motion capture work for a lightsaber duel.

I’m excited for more Star Wars, so I can’t wait to learn more about these two games.

After that, EA moved on to Battlefield 1. And that was that!

As usual, EA’s show at E3 only had a few games that caught my interest. But this is just the beginning. E3 will continue tonight with Bethesda’s press conference. While we wait, let me know your thoughts on EA’s show.

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  2 Responses to “E3 2016 Part 1: Schedule and EA’s Press Conference”

  1. I think EA was very tell-don’t-show this E3.

    They didn’t even last their full hour. (4:08 PM to 5:06 PM.)

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