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Jun 102016

Remember the Hatoful Boyfriend Plush Project Kickstarter I supported back in November?


They’re here!

Pictured above, you can see my four Hatoful Boyfriend plushies, along with the other bonuses given to backers. You can also see my inexpert photography, so let’s take a closer look at each of these birdies!

My favorite, to no one’s surprise, is our mad scientist Dr. Shuu Iwamine. Here he is along with the character tag showing his human form.


How much do I love Shuu? Well, I named him among my top 5 favorite video game mad scientists. (Note: I hadn’t reached my beloved Kingdom Hearts mad scientists at the time I wrote that list.)

Moving on, here is our crazy “fallen angel,” Anghel Higure.

Hatoful Boyfriend-Anghel-plushie

Remember, while Anghel may live in a strange little world all of his own, the Anghel-verse has its own manga. I reviewed it and definitely recommend it to Anghel fans.

Of course, I couldn’t get Hatoful Boyfriend plushies and ignore sweet little Nageki Fujishiro.


If you’ve played the games, you know there’s more to Nageki than meets the eye… and don’t forget, there’s a rare conversation between Nageki and Anghel that becomes fascinating once you’ve played through the BBL route.

And speaking of characters who become more interesting the more you know about them, I also got a plushie of the character who gave me my first Hatoful Boyfriend ending, narcoleptic teacher Kazuaki Nanaki.


He frequently topples. Even a Kazuaki plushie can’t stay awake!

Finally, along with the Takaba Lab lanyard you can see in the big picture I posted first, we also got pins of Labor 9, the King, Miru & Kaku, and the St. Pigeonation’s crest.


Remember, if you know who none of these characters are, you should play Hatoful Boyfriend and its sequel, Holiday Star.

Is the premise absurd? Of course! They’re about a human girl attending an all-bird school! But despite all of that, they’re actually really great games.

When I reviewed the first game, I couldn’t stress enough how unexpectedly good it was. Meanwhile, while the second game is different, I consider it a perfect companion to the first.

As for the plushies, they’re soft, wonderfully-made, and everything I could ask for from Hatoful Boyfriend plushies! Each is five inches, and here’s a shot of Shuu in my hand so you can better judge the size.


Not all crowd-funded projects work out, but here’s one that definitely did. I’m so happy to have received my Hatoful Boyfriend plushies (they actually arrived a few days ago, but Kingdom Hearts prevented me from blogging about them then), and I think they’re fantastic!

Let me know what you think of them… and don’t forget, we’ve got an exciting few days coming up, because next week is E3 2016!

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  1. “Remember, if you know who none of these characters are, you should play Hatoful Boyfriend and its sequel, Holiday Star.”

    …well the plushies are cute, so maybe…

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