Operation Backlog Completion 2024
Sep 202023

When we talked about Granblue Fantasy Relink coming out on February 1 and Persona 3 Reload on February 2, I commented on how Final Fantasy VII Rebirth and Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth were also set for “early 2024.”

Then Final Fantasy VII Rebirth was announced for February 29, turning February into an insane month for JRPGs…

…and last night, at the RGG Summit, Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth was confirmed for January 26, which is far earlier than I expected.

While the RGG Summit didn’t have any new surprise announcements, it did show a lengthy story trailer and a fun-filled gameplay trailer for Infinite Wealth, and all I could think while watching them is that this has the potential to be one of the best games ever.

The story trailer was emotional, with one shocking reveal that you’ve probably seen posted all across social media by distressed fans by now unless you’re good at avoiding spoilers, and the gameplay trailer looks like it’ll be so much fun.

I’ve been playing Yakuza: Like a Dragon now in the hopes of catching up ahead of Gaiden, and my one criticism of the combat so far is that your position matters but you can’t actually manually move your character. So the gameplay trailer confirming that you can move in combat in Infinite Wealth is all I needed to see. It’s actually the one thing I was hoping for from a combat reveal!

They showed so many mini-games that look fun, too. When Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth was first announced, they said it would be the largest game in the series so far, and I believe it after seeing these trailers.

In short, I’m excited, terrified (of the story), and desperately trying to figure out how to manage my backlog in early 2024!

Like a Dragon Gaiden is out on November 9, with Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth to follow on January 26. Since they had no other surprise announcements, that just leaves me wondering what RGG Studio might have in store next… hopefully with a long enough break in between for us to catch our breaths.

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  1. They should rename it to Like a Dragon: Infinite Backlog 😂

  2. […] almost joked about the possibility in my post about Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth coming out on January 26, right ahead of Granblue Fantasy Relink and Persona 3 Reload, with Final Fantasy VII Rebirth a […]

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