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Jun 112018

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PC Gaming’s E3 2018 Press Conference

I faithfully watch the PC gaming show every year, but it rarely stands out to me as much as the others. Still, sometimes some cool games are shown. They kindly mentioned at the start how long the show would be.

The first game shown, Satisfactory, didn’t really interest me, but the next game looked interesting, Neo Cab. I’d like to learn more about the story, but I’m intrigued.

Battle royale modes aren’t my thing, so I wasn’t too interested in Mavericks: Proving Grounds. However, the next game sounded interesting. Apparently The Forgotten City was a popular award-winning mod for Skyrim, and it’s been reworked into a standalone game.

Open world? How about open universe? Star Control: Origins isn’t my sort of game, but it sounds like a cool concept.

After Hunt: Showdown and Archangel: Hellfire, they moved on to one of my sorts of games, The Sinking City in all its Lovecraftian glory. They discussed how The Sinking City will be focused on investigation, with clues to follow instead of outright objectives. It will have a sanity mechanic, which is always nice.

I wasn’t interested in the long discussion of Warframe, but the Sega montage was interesting… especially with the surprise announcement that Yakuza 0 and Yakuza Kiwami are coming to the PC!

(Yes, I have both on the PS4, but it’s still cool news.)

Next up, more Killing Floor 2 updates. Is Killing Floor featured at every E3, or is it just my imagination? They’re also working on a game called Maneater where you play as a shark attacking people.

A publisher named Untitled Publisher announced three games next: Bravery Network Online, Morning Star, and Overwhelm (which is out now). Morning Star, a “post-cyberpunk farming sim,” was the most intriguing of the three to me.

I wasn’t too interested in Jurassic World Evolution or Stormland (although Stormland has some beautiful environments), but the noir detective game Night Call looks like it could be more my speed.

The same publisher showed off an open-world exploration game called Sable.

From there they moved on to Star Citizen, which has been in development for years.

Then it was time to discuss hardware and hardware trends. This section of the PC gaming show never interests me, but someone must enjoy it, because they keep doing it. I’m just not into the hardware side of things (which might be why I’m starting to fall behind in terms of specs again).

After that, back to games. Genesis Alpha One, the Don’t Starve: Hamlet DLC (which looked interesting, but I’ve never gotten into the survival genre), and more Just Cause 4. That’s the third time we’ve seen it this E3!

They showed Overkill’s The Walking Dead, not to be confused with Telltale’s The Walking Dead, which they moved on to next. I really need to catch up on those games.

Noita sounded interesting at first, an action RPG, but since it’s procedurally generated, it’s not really for me.

Two Point Hospital, Realm Royale (another battle royale), Ooblets, and we were over the 90 minutes they said at the start, but at least Ooblets looks cute.

They finished with Anno 1800, Rapture Rejects (top-down battle royale that the audience found funnier than I did), and Hitman 2. (Ah, Hitman 2, not to be confused with the other Hitman 2, because this is the seventh game in the series. And people think Kingdom Hearts has a confusing numbering scheme.)

What did you think of the PC gaming show? Next up is Sony, and then Nintendo tomorrow!

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