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Dec 152015

Today’s blog post is a day early, partly because everything is happening today. So let’s take it one event at a time…

Happy 20th Anniversary, Tales series!

20 years ago today, Tales of Phantasia started a legacy that would eventually lead to me enjoying Gaius Tales of Xillia, falling in love with Tales of Symphonia, doing a screenshot LP of Tales of Zestiria, and watching my backlog grow under the strain of 20 years worth of games I ignored.

The next game in the series is Tales of Berseria. Here’s the latest trailer.

That looks pretty awesome. I no longer think Velvet is a vampire, but she definitely seems darker than the past few Tales protagonists I’ve seen.

Now if we could just have official localization news…

It’s Time for Holiday Star!

Holiday-Star-ShuuWhen I first saw Hatoful Boyfriend, I thought it looked ridiculous. So over-the-top ridiculous, I bought it as a joke, so I could say I played the “pigeon dating sim.” What I got, however, was far from a joke. Hatoful Boyfriend shocked me with how good it actually was.

And when I finished it, I couldn’t wait to read Anghel’s manga and search for information on whether or not the game’s sequel, Holiday Star, would come to Steam.

Well, it’s time. It’s here. Holiday Star is now available, and I am excited!

GameFaqs’ Final Round

Today’s also the day when everyone will cast their vote over whether Undertale or Ocarina of Time is the best game ever.

I’m not sure either’s really the best game ever (though I voted for Undertale, because it blew my mind again when I finally finished the pacifist route). In fact, I want to look at the tournament again.

What would have happened if all of my picks won? What would my “best game ever” (of the 128 games GameFaqs originally picked) tournament look like?

GameFaqs’ Best. Game. Ever. – My Whole Tournament Picks


(For the sake of efficiency, if I have to abstain, that vote will be determined through a coin toss.)

Round 2Round 3Division FinalsQuarterfinalsSemifinalsFinals

As you know, my picks during Round 1 were very different than what actually won.

So instead of the actual Round 2 match-ups, we would have gone into Round 2 with something more like this:

Division I

Chrono Trigger vs. Persona 3 – My RPG bias is already apparent. In this case, since I haven’t played Persona 3, I’d vote for Chrono Trigger.

Batman: Arkham City vs. Final Fantasy X – Yes, I enjoyed Arkham City… but not as much as I enjoy RPGs. Even though it’s not my favorite game in the series, I’d vote for Final Fantasy X.

Minamimoto-PiPortal vs. The World Ends With You – Ah, a battle of favorites! Two beloved games, the fantastic puzzle game Portal and the incredible RPG The World Ends With You. Although I love them both, one edges out the other by a little bit. TWEWY moves on to Round 3.

Kingdom Hearts II vs. Halo 3 – Even though I haven’t played Kingdom Hearts II yet, I’m really excited for the series right now, so I’ll vote for Kingdom Hearts II. Especially since I knocked the first game out of the running already.

Division II

Final Fantasy VI vs. Tales of Symphonia – I am sorry, Final Fantasy VI. I consider you one of the greatest RPGs ever. And yet… I still like Tales of Symphonia more.

Knights of the Old Republic vs. The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker – Hey, this one was actually in the tournament! I vote for Knights of the Old Republic, for the reasons I gave during the real Round 2.

Super Smash Bros. for Wii U vs. Mass Effect – Likewise, my vote here goes to Mass Effect.

Halo: Combat Evolved vs. Final Fantasy VII – And this one still goes to Final Fantasy VII.

Division III

Super Mario Bros. 3 vs. Pokémon Red/Blue – Wow, a whole string where my Round 2 actually lines up with reality! I’d pick Pokémon Red/Blue again.

Portal 2 vs. The Walking Dead – While I loved the dark, emotional nature of The Walking Dead, it doesn’t approach the awesome humor of Portal 2.

Undertale-introLife Is Strange vs. Undertale – I haven’t played Life is Strange, but I highly doubt it’s as fantastic as Undertale.

Final Fantasy VIII vs. Super Mario World – As in the actual round, I would pick Final Fantasy VIII.

Division IV

Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney vs. Diablo II – No contest. Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney.

Metroid Prime vs. Demon’s Souls – Tricky. This calls for a coin toss. Metroid Prime takes it.

Super Mario 64 vs. Resident Evil 2 – Ohh, this is also tricky. I love both of these games. Coin toss says… Super Mario 64.

Skies of Arcadia vs. 999: Nine Hours, Nine Persons, Nine Doors – Two games I haven’t played but want to? …Coin toss time! 999 moves to the next round.

Division V

The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time vs. Suikoden II – Just like I abstained in the actual round, it’s time to flip the coin yet again. The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time.

Warcraft III vs. Final Fantasy IX – I love Final Fantasy IX.

Xenoblade Chronicles vs. Super Mario Maker – Sorry, Mario, but it’s time for Xenoblade to shine!

Trials-and-TribulationsBanjo-Kazooie vs. Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney – Trials & Tribulations – …Why did I do this to myself? Why?! These are two of my favorite games. And if I have to pick between the two of them……… *deep breath* Trials & Tribulations.

Division VI

The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past vs. Final Fantasy IV – As in the real round, I will pick Final Fantasy IV and intend to play it.

Perfect Dark vs. Dark Souls – Huh. Uh… coin flip! Perfect Dark moves on.

Super Metroid vs. Dragon Age: Origins – Okay, so I haven’t played Super Metroid to properly judge it, but I really love Dragon Age: Origins.

Bloodborne vs. Valkyria Chronicles – Both of these games got in via coin flip, and that’s how the next one will advance. Here we go… Valkyria Chronicles!

Division VII

Shenmue vs. Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars – Wow. I… I guess I’ll continue to pick Super Mario RPG, and (like FFIV), renew my vow to play it soon.

Shovel Knight vs. Chrono Cross – Hmm… ah… Chrono Cross. I will play it someday.

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt vs. Resident Evil – Yikes… I still haven’t played Wild Hunt, but I love the Witcher universe. Yet Resident Evil is a classic. And if we’re taking the REmake into account… Resident Evil.

BioShock: Infinite vs. Paper Mario – Ahaha, no contest at all. I don’t care how good BioShock is, I will always pick Paper Mario over it.

Division VIII

Metal Gear Solid vs. EarthBound – Hmm… I did appreciate EarthBound’s quirkiness, even though I see flaws with it, so I think I’ll go for EarthBound.

Bayonetta-2-Santa-RodinShadow of the Colossus vs. Bayonetta 2 – No contest. Bayonetta 2, hands down.

Mother 3 vs. Silent Hill 2 – I haven’t played Mother 3, so it’s a little unfair to judge this one. Until the day I play it, however, I say Silent Hill 2 is better.

StarCraft vs. Zero Escape: Virtue’s Last Reward – I like StarCraft’s story, but not its gameplay. I haven’t played Virtue’s Last Reward, but will probably like its gameplay… Coin flip! (I’m literally flipping a coin, you know.) StarCraft gets to continue on.

Hey, some of my choices line up with what happened! But many do not, so let’s head into Round 3…

Are you ready to wildly deviate from what GameFaqs’ tournament actually looked like? Here we go!

Division I

Chrono Trigger vs. Final Fantasy X – Hey, this one was in the real Round 3! And now, like there, I pick Chrono Trigger.

The World Ends With You vs. Kingdom Hearts II – Maybe I’ll regret this once I actually play Kingdom Hearts II, but I’m sticking with The World Ends With You.

Division II

Tales-of-SymphoniaTales of Symphonia vs. Knights of the Old Republic – Try to comprehend my love for Tales of Symphonia.

Mass Effect vs. Final Fantasy VII – Yes, some people say it’s overrated. But I say it’s a fantastic game in its own right. Final Fantasy VII moves on.

Division III

Pokémon Red/Blue vs. Portal 2 – You know, I’m not in love with the first generation of Pokémon. However, I am in love with Portal 2.

Undertale vs. Final Fantasy VIII – Man… if it was one of the other old Final Fantasies, it would be tough, but VIII? At least Undertale’s ending made sense, and I think about its characters a lot more. Looks like Undertale is moving on!

Division IV

Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney vs. Metroid Prime – Do you have to ask? Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney.

Super Mario 64 vs. 999: Nine Hours, Nine Persons, Nine Doors – Hmm… I really like Mario, but people say I’ll love 999. Where’s my coin? Coin says 999 advances!

Division V

The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time vs. Final Fantasy IX – Sorry, Ocarina. As I decided in the actual round, you’re a great game, but you’re no Final Fantasy IX.

Xenoblade Chronicles vs. Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney – Trials & Tribulations – Oh man. I love both these games. I love their stories. But… Trials & Tribulations once again comes out on top.

Division VI

Final Fantasy IV vs. Perfect Dark – It’s kinda funny that two games I haven’t played ended up against one another. For the sake of RPGs, I’ll pick Final Fantasy IV.

Still the best golem ever.

Still the best golem ever.

Dragon Age: Origins vs. Valkyria Chronicles – Maybe Valkyria Chronicles is fantastic, but I’m sticking with Dragon Age: Origins. Feel free to argue with me in the comments.

Division VII

Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars vs. Chrono Cross – Coin toss! Just like in reality, Super Mario RPG will live to fight another battle.

Resident Evil vs. Paper Mario – Ugh. I love these games. I love both of them. They’re both fantastic. *closes eyes* Paper Mario.

Division VIII

EarthBound vs. Bayonetta 2 – EarthBound was fun, but it wasn’t amazing. Guess which game I considered amazing? That’s right, Bayonetta 2!

Silent Hill 2 vs. StarCraft – For both gameplay and story, I pick Silent Hill 2.

All right, let’s take a look at the Division Finals!

Has my bias toward RPGs become blatantly obvious yet?

Division I

Chrono Trigger vs. The World Ends With You – *braces for the raging storm* While the majority will disagree, I enjoyed The World Ends With You more.

Division II

Martel cosplay smirkTales of Symphonia vs. Final Fantasy VII – Wow, I’m really making friends today. I cosplayed Martel. What do you expect me to pick but Tales of Symphonia?

Division III

Portal 2 vs. Undertale – This is… really hard. Harder than I expected. But I think… I still… have to give this to Undertale.

Division IV

Phoenix Wright vs. 999 – Maybe I’ll love 999 when I play it, but until then, I pick Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney!

Division V

Final Fantasy IX vs. Trials & Tribulations – Forget my RPG bias, what about my Ace Attorney bias? With childhood nostalgia set aside, I really do prefer Trials & Tribulations.

Division VI

Final Fantasy IV vs. Dragon Age: Origins – This is hard. How do I compare an RPG everyone says is great, but which I haven’t played, to an RPG I know is great? With a coin toss, that’s how! Dragon Age: Origins wins (but I’ll still play FFIV soon).

Division VII

Super Mario RPG vs. Paper Mario – And this is why I need to play Super Mario RPG soon, so I can properly judge them. But until then, I say Paper Mario!

Division VIII

Bayonetta 2 vs. Silent Hill 2 – Even up against my favorite survival horror series… the sheer fun I had with Bayonetta 2 shines through. Yes, that’s right. I pick Bayonetta 2 over Silent Hill 2.

Things are heating up!

It’s time for the quarterfinals, a much more exciting quarterfinals than the real one we saw the other day. Now my loyalty to certain games will really be tested!

The World Ends With You vs. Tales of Symphonia – Zetta sad though it may be, this is where TWEWY must fall away. Even over it, I pick Tales of Symphonia.

halolz-dot-com-phoenixwright-realattorneysUndertale vs. Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney – This is a strange match for many reasons. Both games are funny. Both games have sad moments. Both are deeper and more brilliant than they appear on the surface. Undertale even references Ace Attorney. I am conflicted, torn, and confused… but I think I must pick Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney.

Trials & Tribulations vs. Dragon Age: Origins – Likewise, I may love Dragon Age, but Trials & Tribulations is moving on!

Paper Mario vs. Bayonetta 2 – It’s another difficult, painful choice. But you know what? I’m going to do it. I’m going to pick Bayonetta 2.

Wow… these semifinals will be unusual, to say the least.

We’ve come this far with a ton of angels and lawyers, which is a little weird when you think about it.

Tales of Symphonia vs. Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney – Phoenix, Edgeworth, I’m sorry. As much as it hurts, I have to pick Tales of Symphonia.


Trials & Tribulations vs. Bayonetta 2 – This is hard. They are such very different games, and both such excellent games. When I really think about it, I have to say Trials & Tribulations.

One last pick… here we go!

And this is why the real final round looks nothing like my final round. If all of my picks advanced in every match, we would end up with:

Tales of Symphonia vs. Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney – Trials and Tribulations

And the final winner…

The game I would call “best game ever”…

The game I’ve already described as “perfect”…


Man, I loved that game.

What do you think of my picks?

Now, there’s still one more thing happening today. The final Smash Bros. presentation is also tonight, where we should hear more about Cloud and hopefully learn which character won the ballot!

Today is an exciting day! What do you think of the Berseria trailer? Will you play Holiday Star? What are your final thoughts on the GameFaqs’ tournament (and my pseudo-tournament)? Let me know in the comments!

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  1. You’re not that thrilled about Undertale going to win the real thing? Pft, you literally have it in the top 8 in a very strong part of the bracket!

    Anyway, lemme tell you: You will most definitely like PM over SMRPG after you play SMRPG.

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