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Apr 222015

Tales-of-SymphoniaAt last, I’ve completed my second-ever game from the Tales series, Tales of Symphonia. And if I considered Professor Layton vs. Phoenix Wright to be “almost perfect,” then Tales of Symphonia is perfect.

Friends recommended the JRPG Tales of Symphonia to me for years, but I never really acted on it. For one thing, the original Gamecube version is rare and expensive. So when the Chronicles collection came out for the PS3, I finally decided to give the game a chance. That just left me with my other reason for hesitating: it couldn’t possibly be as good as my friends say it was.

Yes it could.

I started playing Tales of Symphonia sometime in January, just finished it on Saturday, and loved every moment in between. The last game I felt that much love for as I played it was… well, Professor Layton vs. Phoenix Wright, and we know how THAT turned out, even if it was still a great game. Tales of Symphonia, I’m happy to say, did not betray my expectations. I loved everything about it.

Let’s start with its gameplay. A lot of people will tell you that Tales of Symphonia is “aged” or “outdated.” Well, maybe it is, in which case I adore aged, outdated mechanics. Sure, the combat wasn’t flashy, but it was easy to learn and oddly relaxing (save for the boss battles that got me so upset I forgot basic concepts like how to use menus). Some of its sidequests are kind of obscure and easy to miss, which on one hand annoyed me but on the other hand pleased me because I felt I really had to work to find everything the game had to offer. Best of all, it had a World Map!

I want World Maps back in RPGs. Classic overworld style, bonus points if I get to manually fly some sort of airship around. Really, when I started Symphonia, I was thrilled to death to have a World Map.

Next, let’s talk about its plot, which I loved. I knew next to nothing about Tales of Symphonia going into it, so I really didn’t know what it was about. I expected a lot of plot twists and had fun thinking up theories–some of which were spot-on accurate and others of which were dead wrong. I liked that. It had enough foreshadowing for me to pick up on some things, but enough surprises to keep me guessing.

Its plot twists were great, and they never felt forced. After a while, I started to dread plot events, because they always left me feeling drained… which takes us to the characters!

The character interactions endeared me to my first Tales game, Tales of Xillia, and they were even better here. Overall, I like the cast of Symphonia better than the cast of Xillia. Even those I started out disliking, I liked by the end.

Genis Sage

Genis Sage.
Anyone who messes with Genis will feel my wrath.

Sure, it had some characters that were just awesome (*cough*Kratos*cough*), but it also had characters I just became really attached to. I really cared about Symphonia’s characters. I grew to love them so much, Tales of Symphonia became the fourth addition to the ranks of video games that have made me cry.

…I’m STILL not over that scene!

And while Tales of Symphonia’s cast was working its way into my heart, I had to give serious credit to the villains. Villains can make or break a story for me, and Tales of Symphonia’s helped make it. Unlike in Tales of Xillia, where I had consistent trouble picking someone out as a true villain, Symphonia gave me villains it was easy to hate–and love, even at the same time!

Everything I want in my villains was there, even a mad scientist! Only one thing disappointed me…

Click for spoiler
I so wanted the main villain to be redeemed in the end…

On the other hand, if this is still upsetting me, I can’t say the game did a bad job with him, now can I?

Besides, there was subtle implied redemption, maybe, a little bit…

These characters, good and bad, have all taken up residence in my head for the time being. They’re up there with the best of the best!

I loved the music, too. I loved everything about this game!

If you haven’t played Tales of Symphonia… you really should. If you HAVE, there’s a good chance you played on the Gamecube, so did you know that Tales of Symphonia Chronicles (because it is based on Japan’s PS2 port), has some new stuff?

Here are two of the new additions I consider to be the most notable. …I didn’t actually find either of them in my own playthrough, because you have to go out of your way for one and beat an insane bonus dungeon for the other.

Note: both of these scenes contain major spoilers.

Important backstory clarification

Memories from the past
Make sure you watch the scene after the battle, too, for the maximum amount of heartbreak.

Genis, just be glad it wasn’t an even worse question like, “So what am I like these days?”

I haven’t talked about Tales of Symphonia nearly enough. Honestly, I could go on all day about it. Don’t even get me started talking about it in comparison with Ace Attorney (really), Silent Hill (seriously), or Professor Layton (more for laughs). I played it for over 90 hours, and I consistently loved it during that time. I can’t let go of it. As usual, when I enjoyed a story this much, I want to write fanfiction about it… but I don’t know where to start. I don’t want to disrupt something so wonderful. I’d feel bad turning to my old habit of forcing redemption through a psychological beatdown, because Symphonia as it stands was great!

Right now… I would name Tales of Symphonia as my favorite game of all time. I liked it that much. And that’s why I consider it to be “perfect.”

So again, give this game a chance if you haven’t. Chime in with all your Symphonia thoughts in the comments and let me know if you loved it and its characters as much as I did!

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I need to get back to figuring out my Symphonia cosplay…

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  183 Responses to “Tales of Symphonia: Perfect from Start to Finish”

  1. Wait wait wait wait.

    I didn’t know you DID cosplaying.

  2. All right , hi we will continue this on a other site i hope this one works? hehe i dont know it was hard to find where we should continue this discussion so i decide why not continue it on a game we both enjoy?

    I see. Well grim fandango is hillairous , it has some moments that is just pure fun. But again dont be afraid to use a walktrough from time to time.

    Hmm i see to bad. Could i ask , try to list you top 5 gen in order and then your three worst or something if you want

    I see well, i will have to finish the first phoenix wright game tough. Started rises from the ashes yesterday.

    Now from what i gather you seemed to have played mass effect 1-3? imo no mass effect 2 stant very much seperatly. What does it really have to do with the mass effect 1 and 3 . 1 and 3 kind of focuses on the get and reapers where as mass effect 1 also touch upon the repears and you see one too. I think overall mass effect 2 is a damn fine game especially suicude mission. And damn some great characters too , in Thane, Samara, Miranda ( yes i know), Garrus, Mordin, Legion, Grunt even Liara if we count here from lair of the shadow broker

    I see i will be sure to read it.
    All right my metacritic reviews http://www.metacritic.com/user/Xtord Mainly console games or pc games i write much about. Still i have somewhat old planescape torment review frm last november and one norwegian review of suikoden 2 that will be translated to metacritic

    But if you got a steam account, i guess you do heres my steam review, crossed 30 + reviews now : http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198029093963/recommended/
    Still somewhat mad that my best review only got 14/14 likes + 1 funny .

    PS: have you tried this game tool before http://slimedrippings.tumblr.com/gamefaqssort . wish it had 50 + more games or so ,but is genreally pretty good.

    • Sure, this is fine.

      Hmm, well this isn’t actually in order, since I’m not sure how I’d rank them except that RPGs would be first, but my top 5 genres: RPGs, survival horror, 3D platformers, visual novels (including hybrids like Ace Attorney), and action-adventure.

      Lowest 3: RTS, simulation, sports

      I think the important thing about ME2’s plot is that it builds up the Reaper threat, even though for most of the game it appears the Reapers aren’t directly involved (since if I remember it right, Harbinger is assumed to be Collector General until the ending). It also sets up Cerberus and The Illusive Man as a greater part of the story, even if I wasn’t a big fan of their role in ME3.

      All right, I’ll take a look at the reviews. πŸ™‚

      I think I went through that once… or something similar. I might have done one of those for favorite Tales of Symphonia characters, haha.

      • i see. Well for me is rpg and it doesnt matter if is jrpg or not , then stealth , you know what stealth and rpg is probably even, but the reason i might put rpg above stealth is that there are far more good rpg then stealth games, then i`d platformers i think and is you say 3-d. Then turn based strategy games/ hyprid like fire emblem. 5th i guess survival or rts , survival for games like resident evil even incl 4 yes no the most scary or most survival games ,still as a game i think is brilliant , and sillent hill 2 etc, in some extent tlou on grounded but rts for starcraft … heart of swarm some of the best 12 hrs i had in a game was so fun, warcraft 3 ,red alert 2 and so on. Honorable mention open world

        Least favourite hmm plain horror games , that is to much focus on jump scares and so on, i cant take games like amneisa or fear 2 or so on, i mean if is any scarier then the evil within i give up… Then yeah not to fond of simulation. The last one i dunno most be tie between sports games and racing… i mean i can play fifa as i love football , or pes, or wrc 2000 , but gran turismo and so on not that intersting.

        Hmm thats probably true that it builds up the reaper threat. Yeah i also think harbringer until the ending is assumed to be a collector general. Yeah i forgot about cerberus and the illusive man. But why didnt you really like mass effect 2.

        Reread your whole list why you chooce one game above the other ….

        ” Final Fantasy IX vs. Kingdom Hearts – It’s been a while since we had one of these. As I mentioned earlier, I really loved Kingdom Hearts when I played it over the past few months. If it were up against something else, Kingdom Hearts would win. But it’s up against one of my first RPGs, a game I truly love. I’m sorry, Kingdom Hearts. I have to go with Final Fantasy IX.” this one is weird i mean if it was anything else then kingdom hearts would win? or most likely becasue from i got you wanted tales of symphonia too win .

        But i get you prefer silent hill 3 over silent hill 2 and thus silent hill 3 being your favourite horror game?

        i see, yeah done some list like that, i went trough that list alot of time… thinking of doing it once more to see if my opinion has changed since desember regarding my nr 1 i doubt it . Still it would be cool to see your complete list if you took it πŸ™‚

        Your all right that we ended up continuing after all?

        • omg just taking this tool again , a little fast sine i am going to bed, but undertale vs life is strange. Shit fuck that…. even tough my guys say i probably take undertale because well rpg and humor

        • Oh, your mention of survival games reminded me, while survival horror is among my top genres, other types of survival games don’t appeal to me as much.

          I liked Mass Effect 2 well enough. It’s Cerberus and the Illusive Man I didn’t like. I remembered their tiny role from the first game, so I didn’t like being forced to work with them in ME2, and when they returned in ME3 I felt like they took up too much of the spotlight that should have been on the Reapers.

          What I meant with my Final Fantasy IX vs. Kingdom Hearts explanation is that I loved Kingdom Hearts and it could have won over a lot of games on my list, but it was up against a game I loved more, Final Fantasy IX. In short, I was just trying to say that even though I didn’t pick KH, it wasn’t because I have anything against it.

          I liked Silent Hill 3 more than 2, but actually Silent Hill 4 is my favorite game in the series. (Even though it’s one a lot of people dislike.)

          Yep, no worries. πŸ™‚

          Also, you requested a list of my top 20 games… I didn’t quite manage that, since I included whole series and didn’t rank them, but… http://www.samanthalienhard.com/2016/09/twenty-must-play-games-national-video-games-day.html

          • i see.

            Wait , was cerberus and illusive men mentioned in mass effect 1? hmm can vague ( thats how is called) recall it if i am right , especially now when you say it.
            I started with mass effect 2 so there is that, finished it four times and i think personally the sucide mission was damn well done. And that when everwhere you did something major, the npc/ the squad-members always had something new to say.
            Yeah i guess i agree with cerberus taking to much spotlight in mass effect 3. I remember i saw the trailer right after i finished mass effect 2 and i was just omg the hype. And i dont think it was directly bad on mass effect 3 i used 120 hrs or so with mp. 3 playtrough i think … but the rpg elements was toned down. And the wanted you to feel more affication with the squad memebrs sorry, but it didnt work that good. Yeah the game had potential to be awesome. Btw mass effect 2 must be one of the better games mom payd to me, it was summer holiday so she gave it to me:)

            Yeah i guess thats what you meant but wasnt 100% sure anyway i get you. Is like if someone would ask me to pick persona 4 vs another i would on most days says persona 4, doesnt mean the other game is bad tough.

            I see well there are those who loves sillent hill 4 for being so different, i seen some who also have it as the favourite. Still i guess is a love or hate game , like ff 8 and so on. I really wish konami would re release a definte hd collection of those games.


            btw i wasnt forcing you to make a top 20 , i was just damn curious. Thanks. I am reading the list fast now, will read it more fast later when i gets home. Break where i am at now , but what did you mean with warning in this circumstance ” My list of β€œmust-play” games probably shouldn’t include so many warnings” I will say i am a bit suprised you made a whole article about it.

            Omg is it there the panic dance comes from Ghost Trick? i heard about the panic dance someplace a long time ago. Well i am as you say , i am going to play it , either if i use ebay or emualte it , is so in my backlog right now.

            Haha i like that is it really series if there is two games, i am in the same boat as you i consider i series of 3 games or more ,but yeah fair.

            Thays exactly what i tell my friend, you like games, you call yourself a star wars yet you havent played kotor?

            Wild arms 3 huh, i taught the 1 was considered the best anyway nice, perhaps i should pick it up on the ps4, it seems to be heading for ps4.
            Never played those games so i cant really judge

            Hmm final fantasy not a suprise, but is iv really the must praised one of them all? or do you mean must- praised in the way that alot of ppl really enjoy it and consider it good? because i am all in for that is good.
            Still i am bit sad , that ff 8, 10 or even 12 didnt get a mention but , oh well you cant have them all i guess, again opinions so πŸ™‚ And did you play tactics or how was it again?

            Ha banjo kazooie and tooie, thanks god i am not the only one who loved tooie.

            I know your not to fond of resident evil 4, but did outright hate it as a game? or do you think is good , but not a good resident evil game?

            While i played the orginal version of windwaker i cant outright confirm the removd the worst assepect of it as i never got to the part on gamecube, but my understanding is also that is gone ,and well i completed the wii u version 9 or so years after borrowed it from friend, i also right before i bought or decdided to buy wii – u i also bought my limited version of windwaker on gamecube. But brilliant game

            I got the portal one will read rest a bit later. Or i guess i should have them on the other link after all?

            • Mass Effect 1 has a small side quest involving Cerberus. It’s minor, but I replayed the game right before starting ME2, so it was fresh in my mind.

              Haha, well your comment about making a top 20 list together with it being National Video Games Day inspired me to do it!

              My joke about it including warnings is that I called them “must-play” games as though everyone should play them, but then I kept mentioning reasons that might make someone not want to play them.

              Oh, you heard about the panic dance? Yep, that comes from Ghost Trick. It’s a pretty funny game at times.

              I’ve played Wild Arms 1 and 3. Both are great, but I prefer 3. I’ve actually heard a lot of people say Wild Arms 2 is the best in the series, though. It’s on my list to play.

              A lot of people praise FF4, that’s what I meant.
              FF8 is okay, but not a favorite for me, and the same goes for 10. I haven’t played 12 yet.
              I haven’t played Tactics.

              Banjo-Tooie was great. πŸ˜€

              I tried RE4 and never finished it. I know a lot of people love it, but I didn’t enjoy it personally.

              And yes, give both Hatoful Boyfriend and Psychonauts a chance! πŸ˜€

              As for Undertale playing with your expectations, I was thinking about things like Flowey’s glitches in the battle and also how you don’t have to kill the bosses–things that don’t follow typical RPG conventions.

              By the way, did you know that you can call Papyrus in just about every screen of the game for a comment from him?

              • i see. Hmm well at least cerberus was inted at in the first game or shown or whatever and notcoming out from nowhere, i dislike when you bring a villain or some story/plot element in a sequl or something just from nowhere.

                So what is this national video game day for you in us? and why september the 12? do you get free from work or? well is nice that my comment and that it was national video gae made you do it.

                yeah that makes sense.

                yeah i haerd about panic dance , i think , i am pretty sure i have from somewhere, without really know where its from.

                Well i might start ghost trick and emualte it and start when i am done with bayonetta 1 reached chapter 11, phoneix wrihgt and perhaps also finish the last chapter with beyond two souls and too the moon. Then we will see and then there the world ends with you that probably arrives my postbox by friday . And ofc bioshock hd collection … but yeah i might try it sooner or later.

                Hmm , havent played any wild arms . but i will give them a shot eventually , and hmm well if wild arms 2 is the best then you might have something to look forward to?

                Hmm then i recalled right. Yeah ff iv was one my first really rpg. Played it at least twice, but my gba rom on the emualtor suggest by date when i played it that i have finished it three times, 2 on emulator one on my orgina gba sp. I have no clue where my copy has become i have feeling is in a place with alot of old pc games covers like the longest journey and some others.

                If i recall right you would playtrough ff tactics eventually? or was that only ff 12. At least you dont hate ff 8. What about hte characters in rinoa, squall , quisits or the plot… or was it basically the whole game that felt just ok or only the gameplay

                Yeah the banjo games was awesome on banjo tooie i have 142 hrs + according to save file

                Too bad, what version of re 4? i mean if it was the pc version , then i highly suggest you to give the wii version or ps3 version a shot , wii version genrally considered the best that or the gamecube, pc genreally considered the worst even tough imo is good.
                Still too bad you dont like one of my favourite games.

                Well i will add hatoful boyfriend to steam wish list. What kind of genre would you place it under, simulation as steam puts it or any games you can compare it to.

                Yeah i will give pyschonauts a chance eventually, is on my steam list , i might buy it on ps4 as is on the ps4, but is on my backlog so i will play it once.

                I see , thanks for explanation. Yeah it played with you, it was a damn fun rpg. But overall fuck flowey , i can get him i do ,but damn i dont like his boss design , in the way he is creepy.

                I knew you could call Papyrus, i did some few times after i got his phone nummer , or befriended him, and one time late in them game, but no i didnt know that you could call him in every screen and have him to say something else.
                Thats pretty awesome tough, thats cool.
                Its seems Toby taught about alot of stuffs.

                PS: i have a feeling i will enjoy psychonauts, it seems to have tons of charm, and that it introduce new elements is cool and i have thing for 3d platformers in general, like prince of persia, smg, banjo and so on.

                • Yeah, it’s nice when there’s at least a little foreshadowing, haha.

                  Nah, National Video Games Day isn’t an officially recognized holiday, just something people started informally celebrating. I’d say it’s probably less recognized than International Talk Like a Pirate Day! Actually, I only found out it was National Video Games Day while browsing game news that morning.

                  Yep, I definitely want to play Wild Arms 2 since people love it so much. I got it from PSN, so I’ll play it on either my PS3 or Vita eventually.

                  I plan to play FF12 eventually, not so sure about tactics.

                  There are actually a lot of things I liked about FF8. Quistis, Irvine, the cast in general, Raijin and Fujin, they were great. I enjoyed the Laguna stuff, too, and I liked Edea. (The one and only time I ever dressed up for Halloween, I went as Edea.)
                  But there were also things I disliked, like how Seifer more or less disappears from the plot. I also didn’t like Ultimecia as a villain, because I didn’t think there was enough build-up to her or really anything much about her as a character. The ending is also one of the weirdest, most confusing endings I’ve ever seen.

                  In short, I’d say FF8’s story just wasn’t as satisfactory to me as 6/7/9, even though there were a lot of parts I liked.

                  RE4’s gameplay just isn’t near the top for me, I guess. Maybe I’m not much of a third-person shooter fan.

                  Hatoful Boyfriend is a visual novel. The majority of it is an otome game (a female protagonist forming romantic relationships with a male cast; yes and the male characters are all birds) that doesn’t take itself too seriously, but there are other more linear visual novel parts, too.

                  When I first played Undertale, I killed an enemy early on, so I got the neutral ending and had to replay to get the pacifist ending. On that second playthrough, I tried calling Papyrus more often and realized he had a comment on almost everything.

                  Yeah, Psychonauts is really charming and fun. And if you like the collect-a-thon aspect of Banjo-Kazooie, Psychonauts has lots of things to collect, too.

                  I haven’t finished the original Bioshock yet.

                  • I see, lucky then that you found out it was national video game day.

                    Your in that case lucky that you can buy wild arms 2 , is not aviable for psn here in norway.

                    I see. Well xii, as you liked orgins , you will most likely enjoy xii.

                    Well if you dressed up as edea on haloween, did ppl regonize you? at least ff 8 did something “right” .

                    While the ending is somewhat weird , loved the whole last ending all in all, i mean the ending themes that play so good.
                    Wether or not your to much of the game , you should listen to this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lZ3dHippPSA . listen at least to 15.30 and onward
                    His medley ix is also pretty darn good.

                    About story fair enough, i get you , still is the same as me who cant really choose between 8-10 , i liked them for different reason, might go toward 8 ,but i leave it as it, still need to finish vii, and vi one more time.

                    Yeah i see. What do say, isnt resident evil 1-3 or is them over the shoulder shooters or what do you call them. Still i found the thing about re 4 good was that you need to adjust the distance from the enemy, you cant move and shoot, and is easier to run then in re 1-3 and so on. I am not to fan of third person shooter myself but re 4 again imo was damn well done.

                    Hatoful boyfriend sounds fun. “more linear visual novel parts” you mean there are some non linear parts in the game and some linear?

                    I see so you finishedu ndertale two whole times? can i ask playtime? i have 22hrs and 30 min and one one complete playtrough, + pacisfist ending after the boss. perhaps 30min or max a hr that i was on toilet or had it running due to dinner or something.
                    But is pretty cool to think as you did and call Papyrus.

                    Yeah the collect a-thon aspect of banjo-kazooie/tooie was good so yeah i will like psychonauts it seems, still dont judge 142 hrs.

                    Hmm i am hope you will finish bioshock then, because it is great, especially if you dont know the twist witch probably know of.
                    Also when we talk about shock , what about system shock?

                    Ps on chapter 16 now on bayonetta, that air moss where you have to use those air to air gun , i dont like him.

                    • πŸ™‚

                      Aw, it’s not available there? That’s too bad…

                      I don’t think anyone had any idea who I was supposed to be when I dressed as Edea. XD

                      πŸ˜€ I love Final Fantasy music. I have the soundtracks for several of the games.

                      The pre-RE4 games aren’t over-the-shoulder, and they definitely aren’t shooters.

                      For the main character routes in Hatoful Boyfriend, there are several choices you’ll make.

                      Steam says I played Undertale for 22 hours.

                      Hahaha, I won’t judge your 142 hours, don’t worry. I rarely put that much time into a game… except The World Ends With You, which I sunk tons of hours into trying to get 100% Pin Completion.

                      Nope, I haven’t played System Shock either.

                      Ooh, sounds like you’re getting close to the end of Bayonetta now!

                    • nah unfortunately not. Same with chrono cross, xenogers , breah of fire 4 ( witch supposedly is amazing) and probably a lot of other good games probably.

                      haha , thats too bad.

                      Nice, yeah mee to i have the ff 6-10 + x2 soundtrack bought from square store and also kkingdom hearts 10th anniversary fan selection only downside, simple and clean and sanctuary in japanese.

                      Well i know pre re arent shooters, but what do you call them behind the camera.. i mean i guess over the shoulder was wrong , but where the hell do you put them?

                      Hmm seems nice. Does it feature multiple scenarios in that case or endings?

                      nice, well both the same then

                      How many hrs do you think you have in the wolrd ends with you?
                      is it the sp game you put the most hrs in ?

                      I see.

                      Yeah sorry my mistake i taught i was on chapter 16 yesterday, logged on today i was on xv sorry for that … but now i am at xvi , defetead father balder and some other bosses.

              • Btw have you finished the orginal bioshock yet?

          • Hatoful Boyfriend , i should really give this a shot huh?

            Psychonauts , hmm my friend really liked it, i have it on steam so is in my backlog.

            Don’t let the obsessive fanbase scare you away yeah i agree. With that regarding undertale . I think it would hit my top 10 at least top 20 , but the best ever … well as you say for you, that is tales of symphoia, but does undertale have some damn good thing in it yes it does πŸ™‚ So i agree with what you say regarding it.
            Still i never really get what they mean with play with your exeptations…

    • I still need to play more Breath of Fire. I’ve only played BoF3 so far.

      I want to get a Kingdom Hearts soundtrack, but I’m not sure which one is the best way to make sure I get my favorite songs, hahaha.

      RE4 and on have an over-the-shoulder camera, and the earlier ones use fixed camera angles. That’s how I usually hear the camera difference described. Is that what you mean?

      Yes, Hatoful Boyfriend has several endings, and the routes are all quick to get through. It only takes about 8 hours to go through them all.

      My TWEWY save file claims I played it for 351 hours, which is insane! I’ve never come even close to putting that much time in any other game. However, I think it might continue to track time when you have it in Mingle mode (DS closed, essentially sleep mode except it can trade data with other systems). If that’s true, I didn’t actually play for the full 351 hours.

      I love the music for the Balder fight. πŸ˜€

      • i see i havent played anyone , i just heard the pretty good.

        I see i guess you seen the soundtrack selection for 10 year annivsary fan selction?
        where do you buy soundtrakc
        btw link to the 10 year annivsary https://store.eu.square-enix.com/eu/product/301923/kingdom-hearts-10th-anniversary-fan-selection-melodies-memories-2-cd-music-disc
        go under features
        Passion/simple and clean , i think japanese name is passion , is sing an japnese and so in sanctuary unfourtantly

        Yeah that what , i mean so you can accept fixed camera angels, but dont really like over the shoulder? Thanks thats what i meant

        Hmm so you mean to watch all endings wouldnt take more then around 8 + hrs?

        Wow 351 hrs ,huh well yeah i think it my count in mingle mode. Thanks for checking . Ah i see thanks for explaining mingle mode.

        But even ifyou had sleep it would still be close to 200 hrs?
        Completions at 149 hrs adnd 58min , leisure whatever that is 244 hrs.

        Lucky me, compute shut itself down or laptop due to low power and it still saved what i starteed to wrote all the way til completionist.

        • Gotcha.

          Yeah, I saw that one. It has some of my favorites on it, so it might be a good choice. It doesn’t have Forze dell’Oscurita, which I like a lot, but it has Darkness of the Unknown, which is similar.

          I don’t mind the over-the-shoulder the view. It’s RE4’s gameplay I don’t like as much as the others.

          Yeah, each route in Hatoful Boyfriend except for the true route is pretty short, and you can skip through dialogue you’ve already seen. (Although it doesn’t automatically stop when you reach something new, so you need to be careful if you’re skipping dialogue.)

          If you want to do everything in TWEWY, it can be pretty long. I almost never go for completion in games, but I really loved it, haha.

        • hmm i see.

          yeah well to bad , but fair enough

          well a short game doesnt mean is bad.

          Still wating for twewy to arrive. Will arrive tommorow.

          Thanks for link regarding bayonetta.

          Also Steins ate will be fun to try out.

      • btw you need to explain what off side and onvine really is. Also i need to listen to the music of balders fight before i can give a final verdict.

          • yeah i listen to it now, it is indead a great one. Wanted to finish bayo and to the moon this week. And phoniex wright next week. but since my cousin and uncle visited us this weekend , well i have tommorow , but since they visited, i have postpone it haha, is no worries tough. But yeah the theme song is very good.

            If you had to chooce bayo 1 or 2?

            Played some majoras mask today 20 hrs and well closing to end , i well made game πŸ™‚

            • Sounds great. πŸ˜€ And I hope you enjoy TWEWY, Steins;Gate, and all the others.

              I think Bayonetta 2 is better overall than Bayonetta, although Bayonetta is more challenging.

              • thanks. Sorry for multiple post.

                Hmm sound good, is the impression i got that most prefer bayo 2 over 1. But does bayo 2 has some challenging moments?

                • Bayonetta 2 is still challenging, just not as much so as the first game. It’s also made things a bit more fair, like removing the instant-death QTEs. And using items in combat isn’t a penalty anymore, instead you get a bonus for not using items.

              • Twewy and steins gate arrived. Any crucial tips for twewy?
                Or for steins gate?
                Btw played digimon story cyber sleuth
                Also still waiting for dragon quest

                • Tip for TWEWY: set the top screen’s battle to auto and focus on the bottom screen at first. Once you’re used to the bottom screen’s combat, gradually start taking control of the top screen.

                  Tip for Steins;Gate: don’t worry about the multiple endings for your first playthrough. Your options will be clearer on subsequent playthroughs.

                  How is Cyber Sleuth? I’m not much of a Digimon fan, but I heard good things about that game.

                  • Thanks, just started twewy yesderday got around 44mins in it, it was good. But will do that. I did use some of the uper screen, but yeah i will focus on the bottm ,til i learn it more.
                    Is it a game with alot of grinding and/ is it very hard?

                    Hmm i see so basically just playtrough Steins Gate and make the choices you see as the best options?

                    I am sorry i forgot a question mark … i was meant to ask… digimon story cyber sleuth?

                    Well i havent played it was tring to ask you sorry.
                    What do know is considered a pretty good rpg set in the digimon “universe”

                    Back in elementary school, i guess thats what you call it i , there was multiple thinks i really enjoyed, james bond, lotr, star wars, pokemon , digimon etc even perhaps dual masters.

                    When it comes to game i prefered pokemon by far over digimon,
                    when it comes to anime , i prefer digiom, pokemon league, or gym matches was the only thing that i really felt was intersting or the movies. But digion anime ,and at least the first season,but the second season was good to, had some moments with humor and the moment when the digimon started waving flag that the wanted to cross the border in peace… i mean the first season was sort of far darker then pokemon not much but darker it was in the end about saving the world.

                    So yeah i played a digimon game on the ps1 i think or was it ps2, i thinkit has to be ps2 due to graphic , it was arena based, with a friend at his bday, i think i played one round, i dont recall if i did or only i watched, but i had digimon battle spirit on the gba and it was pretty fun.
                    I remember to that i watched some of my friends having digimon world on the ps1 , why because i remember they saying it was hard and that the digimon could go an poo or whatever is called. Either it was digimon world 1 or 3 as 2 was never in euorpe some parts say it was 1 anyway , what is cool is that digimon new order is coming ps4 for euorpe and us. And for many i read the fans has waited for 10 or so years, anyway point is as and old time childhood fan of digimon and there finally is a good digimon rpg in cyber sleuth aviable makes me curious to try it out.

                    Sorry for that and the miss understanding.

                    • As you play, you’ll get different difficulty options, so it can be hard, but doesn’t have to be. I wouldn’t say there’s a lot of grinding unless you’re trying to get all the pins.

                      Steins;Gate doesn’t make the choices themselves obvious until you’ve reached your first ending.

                      Ah, gotcha. Well, once you play Cyber Sleuth, let me know how it is!

                    • I see thanks. We will see if i go for a completion run, if i feel for it or not, i doubt i feel for it as i have far to many games i want to finish.

                      Mhm so the choices you makes in steins gate do as any game effects the ending you got , but just that steins gate has more then one ending?

                      yeah i will do just that.

                      I will also give you a call when i am done with to the moon.
                      I will probably finish it off in the weekend.

    • Okay.

      Steins;Gate has several endings, but some occur earlier in the game than others.

      Enjoy! πŸ™‚

      • hmm it sounds a little like virtue last reward in that sense or 999.

        read your mario rpg never heard of either Geno or Mallow. haha but still is a game i well feel i need to play with paper mario the thousand years doors.

        Anyway thanks , i will.

        • I still need to play those games.

          I mainly heard of Geno because people want him in Smash all the time.

          And I’m in the US.

          • i see. Well you in for treat with 999 and virtue last reward then. Havent finish virtue ,but imo is better then 999 witch is pretty good.

            Hmm i see.

            • Great! πŸ˜€ I can’t wait.

              • i stopped or took a break with virute last reward when i reached a part where i just couldnt handle the dialogue i wont spoil ,but when you promise something to a ingame character then lies about it afterward i always feel bad.

                Just reached day three of the world ends with you.

                • Aw, yeah, that sort of thing makes me feel bad too.

                  How are you enjoying TWEWY so far?

                  • but i will go back to it one day soon and just say well i will just have to ….

                    i am enjoying twewy alot, the characters is cool/good, the soundtrack is good, the plot is well good and weird, dont understand a shit yet well almost understand some.
                    The gameplay is good even tough i mostly use only one screen right now.

                    But i have question sometimes you enter a store and you ” seem to get a free item” and it say owned , why cant i find it under item section, has it something to do with bravery or do they automatically get equipied?

                    • Haha, oh yeah, the plot is kinda crazy. It will become clearer as you play more, though.

                      Hmm… it’s been so long since I played it’s hard to remember… can you tell me an example of an item that’s like that?

                    • yeah game usually does, but it good to hear that it does. Played alot today passed 5 hrs, passed day 5 i asusme there are far more ,but dont spoil…
                      waiting for 3ds to charge.

                      i cant really give an example now , but i can see if i can give a good example when is start up the game later.
                      i mean sometimes you visit a store and you browse trough thesection and sometimes it sayes beside the item that is alll ready owned and i havent bought it or anything.
                      go out from store , check item selction and dont fine anything.

    • Great! πŸ˜€

      Hmm, strange… Could they be pins? Then they’d be with your pins instead of your items.

      • perhaps , well i will give you an example of the item when i can.

        i just defeated the gm boss at the end of day 7.
        and he kicked my ass. I got him to the green health. And well i said screw it i do this tommorow. Or well today…. just later today i am going to bed , then i took a quick look at some tips on the nett and figured a wait i could try using shiki so used shiki for the majorty of th fight just spamming left and occasionally block, and when i got him to late yellow bar if that makes sense, i spammed left without look much , beside the health and using Neku to attack him with maruseme and some ranged attack and moving from him while still trying to spam mainly left with shiki and i got him down in the first try

        i mean what tips the internett used didnt help or well i didnt rely on them , the only thing they helped me with was trying to spam shiki attacks and damn did that go far faster.

        anyway , i am of to bed, and then play some more of twewy tommorow, so far very good game.

    • Nope, all the bosses in a row without breaks in between, and you can’t die on any of them. It’s been a while, but as I recall, it’s just the bosses you face during the main story.

      • I see. Sounds hard.

        I will always wonder why girls like konishi alwyas has to be a villain/ evil in games or movies.
        And now i read about the another day thing.
        Does that reality gets affected by the ug

        • Girls like Konishi? What kind, specifically?

          Another Day is more or less an alternate universe.

          • i see. I mean missunderstand me correctly , but yes Konishi is bad/evil and i guess she is good in the alternate universe… whatever universe is canon if any of them even are canon… i guess if as alternate universe they co exist and doesnt affect each other.

            What i mean is girl like Konishi with high heels and long nails and in many ppl opinion the best looking , always usually dies in games or movies or turns out to be evil or bad like April May from phoenix wright or Elexis sinclaire and so on and this counts for movies too…
            there some exeptations like mitsuru i guess and some others , like some few bond girls or Ran kotobuki in anime
            but you get my drift, i mean is kind of a huge trope if that makes sense.
            Not always the best looking , i mean missunderstand me right , but i hope you get what i mean , in both games and movies… still is just a character in a game and not real life. But is still a trope that appears very frequently.
            Probably more examples if you want.

            • Don’t read too much about Another Day, though, since it could contain spoilers despite being an alternate universe.

              Ah. I was curious, since Konishi’s character design seems partly inspired by Quistis from Final Fantasy 8.

              • Thanks . I will try ignoring to read about it.

                Yeah i read that to.
                Anyway i hope you think that i was crazy or anything.
                Also as we said both i think in a earlier comment we both usually like the bad guys more . To bad they almost always dies.
                Your favourite twewy characters?

                • Haha, no worries.
                  My favorite TWEWY character is Sho Minamimoto. You might not have specifically met him yet, depending on how far you are. I find him hilarious.

                  • i see , i seen him, yeah his cool

                  • what do you do when you have troubling finding what game to play or to finish?
                    Or rather what do you do when you have problem even starting a game because you cant decide or is not in the mood.

                    • My gaming backlog of doom means I’m usually overwhelmed by a bunch of games I want to start all at once, and I have to pick one.

                      If I can’t decide, I just pick one randomly to try, or narrow it down further (ex. “I’ve just played a bunch of RPGs, so I’ll start something in a different genre”).

                      If I’m not in the mood at all, then… I won’t play anything. xD

                    • hmm , yeah i see.
                      Well the thing is, whe n i am not in mood is mainly because of 2 or 3 things

                      1) i have played to much recently and arugably to many games or to few for that matter if that makes sense
                      2) i am kind of depressed due to youtube discussion or forums where i disagree heavily with people
                      3) i am so tired that i just dont want to play … or rather when there is some football on tv, and is in 1 hr or something i usually just end up watching a clip or two or many on youtube
                      4)i feel i am being forced to like something i dont and thus i just cant make my self play a game

    • Those reasons all sound like good times to take a break and do something else instead of playing games, until you’re back in the mood again. Except, possibly, for the second reason, since a game could make you feel better, especially if it’s something lighthearted and funny.

      • 2 or 3 things i know it turned out 2 be kind of 4…

        the ting i meant with i playing to few games , i kind of is in that bottle thati have hard time playing something new, doesnt take much to get me out of it , but well the factors i pointed well right now i played some starcraft, and while it very fun, i kind of think what do i want to play now, i taught about bayonetta ,earlier today but couldnt make m yself to do it.

        also regarding forums it can also be due to how ppl write and if the negative to each other too.

        True, like undertale perhaps, is not lighthearted really but is funny or jak 2 and 3.
        But yeah i see your point.

        • Ah, gotcha.

          Sometimes I find myself not really wanting to play anything, so then I write or read or browse forums, or do something else entirely.

          • yeah i wish i could browe forums that doesntturn out to be well negative.
            Still i hope my points made kind of sense?

            anyway i am still not in mood , litt better , i am playing some dark souls and after 4-5 hrs or so at least 50 tries i finally killed that boss.

            If i am not in mood i might end up watching youtube clips or a tv show that i own. Or watching football if tere is anyone.

            IS like if i have started playing a game , i might continu playing it even tough i kind feel i should play something different.

            I really wish the game community was more mature

            • Yeah.

              Gotcha, that makes sense.

              Ah yeah, well… I don’t think it’s limited to the gaming community, just the Internet in general.

              • thats true.
                Anyway thanks. I just needed to get it out,

                PS: as you like kingdom hearts you should watch this one.
                One of the best amv/tributes i have seen, wether you like the song or not that is something else

                • Thanks, although I think I’m going to save all tributes until after I play Dream Drop Distance. I’ll save it for later.

                  • ah wait you havent played ddd, yeah then i guess is a good think. I found well it was on my recmmended list.

                    Playing any dark souls?
                    damn i was lucky and unlucky yesterday. I was about to go to “save” and at that moment i saw i call summon a other player , imean this is what 6 years old game. I was about to summon him and he dissapered , so found out all right i am this short of a new level i will run back and forth and make the enemies spawn til i can level… well he didnt appear so i said fuck this i will have to clear the area and try to locate the boss… and i found my way to the boss and wondered where is the shortcut back to fireplace ( saving station /level place sort of ) then i found it got back and again a summon mark was there so i summoned him , regret a little that i didnt summon the second guy to who was there… because there cant be that many who play it anymore

                    so i summoned him and we killed the boss in one go.

                    • Gotcha. Yeah, I’m waiting for 2.8 to play DDD.

                      I still haven’t played any of the Souls games, although I want to.

                      Haha, wow. Yeah, I can’t imagine there are many people who still play the first game online… although I’ve heard there are still some who play Demon’s Souls online, even.

                    • there probably some who does. But the odds for finding a summoning sign most be small.
                      The souls games is great , i have demon souls too, but i am more in finishing dark souls now, is a game that you just wondering how the next boss look. Even tough the gameplay is pretty solid, the story/plot is good but well hidden if that makes sense. and is hard well you know that allready i think.

                      I just bought ff xv kingsglaive gonna watch it when i get home.

    • I want to try them sometime, and Bloodborne, too. Especially Bloodborne, in fact.

      Enjoy Kingsglaive! Let me know what you think of it, maybe even over on my Kingsglaive review! http://www.samanthalienhard.com/2016/08/kingsglaive-epic-lead-final-fantasy-xv.html

      • yeah bloodborne is fantastic. Took a backup save on the last boss still need to do it.

        • Ooh, gotcha. I like Bloodborne’s setting and tone… and I’ve heard it gets very Lovecraftian later on.

          • yeah thats true, had to read up lovecraft what it really is and from my experince yes it does and well everyone else who played and enjoyed it also say is probably the best lovercraft game out there.
            Is pretty hard tough.
            Still a game i wish i had someone to play with at least charlize dungeon

            • I can’t wait to finally play it someday. πŸ˜€

              • hehe yeah i hope so too, because that is a great , great game from both lore, story and gameplay.
                If you even need help at it , then i could try to help you ,some bosses are just harder then others ,if you have problem with one, it doesnt mean you will have problems with the next one

                • Sounds good. πŸ˜€
                  Of course, before I even think about playing it, I need to actually get a PS4. xD

                  • it was just a propoasl btw. Not forcing you or anything. Is not like i am going to finish the game anytime soon eithe with how many games i play now.

                    Yeah that was that too. When you are going to get a ps4 when final fantasy xv get released?

                    • Hahaha, okay.

                      Yeah, I’m going to get a PS4 in time for FFXV. Since it was delayed, I’ve been thinking about waiting to see if any fantastic bundles emerge around Black Friday.

                    • hmm yeah perhaps you can get one with bloodbonre , dark souls 3 or witcher 3 or even u4.

                      Yeah black friday is somthing we started with here in norway too.

    • Quite a while ago, I saw a bundle with Bloodborne and Type-0 and almost bought it, but it sold out before I could.

      • thats a decent bundle. Type- 0 isnt that bad really, i am on the second last chapter , is a bad remaster if you can call it that ,but the game itself is pretty good

        • That’s good, at least. πŸ™‚

          • True. Your completion rate is getting lower. Or the bar gots clser to the completion , whats the latest game you completed? What the next review coming? Anyway thanks for the black friday reminder.
            I played with a guy i found well random on dark souls and we kept trying to kill a boss over and over for 20 tries, we got him dwn to 10 percen the first try and after that we couldnt get him longer then 25-40 max 50 percent down, we tried for 4 hrs…. i was far past normal bed time, but yeah well it was fun.

            The weird things is if i go on type-0 now i will have a new trophy poping up immediately

            • Today I’ll be posting my review of Eternal Darkness, which I actually finished a while ago but decided to save the review for October since it’s a horror game. On Wednesday I’ll probably review Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney – Spirit of Justice. I also played Earthlock: Festival of Magic for a freelance review.

              Haha, wow, sounds like a tough boss.

              A new trophy will pop up immediately? Why?

              • haha i just notcied your eternal darkness review… sometimes i just write tales in my search bar and click enter and reach the comment section so i removed everything until .com and i saw your eternal darkness review, heard about the game ,wanted to try it so i will read it.
                Earthlock: festival of magic after what i gather that seems to be not that good of a game.

                Yeah that boss was rough… not beaten it yet ,and i probably beat harder bosses or bosses that annyos me as much like the second to lass boss in ff 13 who kept using instant death on my party leader and other souls bosses or ff bosses or kingdom hearts 2 even.

                Well because there is a trophy to reach level 99…. and there is a training facility that apperantly has been patched because units get lower exp as soon as i login one of my units will hit lvl 99 and trophy pop up… i dont know if i need to only to login or load the save , i might need to go to facility where i think my save was so…

                Also i just got extended edition of lotr and the hobbit , so yeah now i am going to watch the extend edition and in blu ray , well watch an unexpteted journey on blu ray but thats also the only one. Watch lotr extended once , but i got them from a friend who had pirated them so . it was on laptop without subtitles, dont really need them, but helps and it was well dvd format, by all means still works, but the older the movie is the better it looks on blu ray i think.
                Also watch a bit of lotr the return of king extended edtion at a friend house were we watch sauroman death witch is pretty weird compared to the book anyway… i watched these movies and at least lotr so many times, the hobbit triolgy probably only two times each.

                Hmm your phoenix wright review will be intersting to read.

                • Haha, I see. Well if you enjoy Lovecraftian horror, I definitely recommend trying to find a copy of Eternal Darkness.

                  Earthlock… the gameplay was decent, but the story and characters were pretty disappointing. I had trouble remembering the names of the characters sometimes because their personalities were so bland.

                  Which boss is it? I haven’t played Dark Souls yet, but I’ve heard of some of them.

                  Ah, gotcha.

                  I watched the whole LotR trilogy, but only the first Hobbit movie. I was disappointed with how much the Hobbit movies changed from the books.

                  • i will take a look around it , i might need to use amazon for it as i leave in norway.
                    But thanks, still need to read your whole article about the game.

                    I see, well the game has got quite bad reviews out there. When you cant remember the characters name you know something is wrong

                    I managed to kill the boss with a friend yesterday, but we or i was having trouble with four kings.

                    Hmm, if i remember right , i read or listen to the hobbit book, but i mean to remember the first movie was pretty faithful to the book, then the second movie went a little bit out from the book with legolas ( witch i cant recall being in the book ) and Tauriel. But the second movie also quite faithful , and the third introduced if i remember right some small of silmarillion in it. Yeah it become a little less faithful as the movie went on , i still feel there worth a watch. Again you might remember it more then me, because i only remembered a few parts being changed and not well alot
                    Anyway i see. Yeah the whole lotr triolgy is great ,if you liked it extended cut is highly recommened at least of what i can remember of them , i remember much of the extended cut on return of the king ,and it adds some more action scenes some more important scene so is recommended same goes for two towers.
                    But again i will soon rewatch the extended cut, the first time was trough a laptop and i kind of played a game beside it but without extended cut i watched these movies at least 5 times each

                    • Since Eternal Darkness is old (Gamecube), it might be tough to find. I got my copy from Ebay.

                      Yeah… Earthlock had a lot of potential, though, so I’ll be interested in what the developers do next.

                      Ah, okay.

                      I think the main difference is that the Hobbit movies decided to add lots and lots of action that wasn’t in the book.

                    • i see. If i end up usign ebay, i really hope the toll to norway is all right.
                      Thanks for tip.

                      yeah, lets hope the take out all the potential next time

                      Hmm… perhaps or guess your right. Some of the action is in the book if i recall right, i remeber the trolls, the battle five armies, perhaps not as long in the book, but it was there in the book too. Still i fell is worth watchibg

                    • By all mean the hobbit isnt perfect ,but i dont think they outright bad either. Anyway i fell they enjoyable to watch for what it is

    • Nintendo renews the copyright on Eternal Darkness every time it’s up, so maybe they’ll eventually bring it to the virtual console or something.

      I guess I just wasn’t a big fan of the changes they made to the Hobbit.

      • hmm yeah lets hope that .

        Yeah perhaps, i know there quite some people who wasnt to much of fan it, and it has due to as you say changes or a little more heavily used of cgi. I know my sister tried to watch it with me and my mom, while she said it wasnt boring , i think she watched almost the most of desolation of smaug only becasue she wanted to hear the song at the end. And she then said it was slower version the orginal, witch i guess was true and thus she said it was only ok or something. I guess the movie version is more of the orginal one i dunno anyway next time if she makes herself watch it perhaps she will without thinking about the song all the time and rather try to enjoy it, either she will or she wont, same goes for the first and third one + lotr 1 and 2…. she also critized the orcs, and while i can in some extent get it, i think is pretty weird the way .she did, first of all the different kind of orcs then these is prequel … she has said she might watch them again, even tough i highly doubt it, for some reason she really liked return of the king and have seen a little of fellowship of the ring and two towers without really watching trough them, sometimes i wish me and her well had a little more in common beside mario kart 8 and in some extent football. Anyway sorry for that. Well we cant do nothing about what we like or dont , ofc it can change over time , or it can change if you view it it or play it in another perspecitve.

        However have you seen the extended cuts of lotr?

        • I feel like adapting a single book into three movies probably contributed to them needing to change things, since a straight adaptation wouldn’t have been long enough.

          What didn’t she like about the orcs?

          Hmm, I don’t think I’ve seen the extended cuts. Maybe one? I’m not sure.

          I tried to find out more specific information about the Eternal Darkness trademark, and it looks like they last requested an extension this July. It seems to be their final 6-month extension, so if they don’t do anything with Eternal Darkness, they’ll need to apply again. It doesn’t necessarily mean that they’re planning anything, though, since it could just be them protecting their ownership of the IP. (But hey, we can dream of a surprise Eternal Darkness port/sequel for the NX, right? xD)

          • yeah thats true, i have taugt about that too. Two movies could easily cover it i think.
            I dont know really, i dont remember , idont think she remember either… i think she meant they looked different, perhaps less scary or something

            i see.

            hmm yeah , that would be cool, i heard that the cancelled a sequel for it once. OR was that just a rumor?

            Btw what do you really think about the scoring system we have now

            • Hmm, I see.

              I don’t think it was ever officially stated, but it at least seems plausible. Silicon Knights wanted to make a sequel, and when the Wii U was coming out, they said they were working on one of their most-requested titles. But then Silicon Knights ran into a ton of legal issues, which basically destroyed them. Right around then, fans found screens and concept art of games Silicon Knights intended to make, including an Eternal Darkness sequel.

              So it isn’t that a sequel was cancelled, so much as it was a casualty of the developer going bankrupt.

              Scoring? You mean like for game reviews? I have mixed feelings. I think it can be very helpful, but it can also cause problems. The contents of a review are more helpful than the number itself, especially since things are subjective.

              • Hmm i see. Still is bad for everyone that a sequel would most likely not come out.

                hmm i see. I mean i sometmes think reviewer should simply go back too very-bad-decent/ok-good- excellent and masterpiece or something… i dunno . The problem is what is he differnce between a 9.7 and a 9.8? And few reviewer these days even mentions ai anymore, replayvalue anymore, charm/atmosphere, soundtrack etc.
                What does it take for a rpg either is turn based or active/action to be a 10? what does it take for a strategy game either is turn based or rt to be a 10?
                And sometimes i feel a game just get a 10 not because it does eveything excellent , but most good, but that it just did something a bit new at that time … instead of just being another shooter it did something a bit different even tough is not different in the way that there havent ever been done before ,but just different in the way that compared to the last 3-5 years we havent seen a game that is like this… Does that make sense? I mean different in the way that we make a game that while has in extent been done before is a long time ago and do it a bit differently and we get high scores for it.

                There very few reviwers i really like now . I usually go on metacritic and if the user and critic score is above 8 i might buy them , then i check the score on gamefaq , hltb and imdb even ( even if i found imdb weird as fuck when it comes to votes , it seems that if is a movie game with a lot of cutescens it gets a lot of high user scores)

                • Yeah. There’s always the chance that Shadow of the Eternals will come to fruition, but… that was surrounded by so much controversy, I don’t know…

                  Reviews are always going to be subjective, which is why I find reading their content more helpful, so you can see why they lost points. For example, Alien: Isolation had points detracted by many reviewers for backtracking. Backtracking in my survival horror game? That “negative” made me even more excited for it, hahaha.

                  I usually read a few reviews, see what people are saying about it on forums, and maybe even take a look at a couple videos if I’m still uncertain.

                  I’ve enjoyed games with super low review scores, so I always take more into account than the score alone.

                  • btw what is go to genre?

                    i see. Yeah but there many reviewer who dont seem to do a good thing at seeing the bad points and apperantly some bad points arent even worth mentioning , i mean the the last of us for example i think is a great game perhaps 9 , but i am with those guys who says that i dont know if is a masterpiece i think thays stretching it , firstly the ai and the human ai is bad , and i wont say alot of what i think this game does bad ,but my point is when you show an ai downgrade compared to a trailer that is a bit meh to be and replay value. + buying a difficulty dlc thats just lame… i think people these days seems to overlook difficulty , replay value, how predictable it is and the ai.

                    hmm i see. Yeah i might use forums too. I usually just hope totalbiscuit has an early expression. IF not i user look at user reviewers and scores , because i just dont know of any trust worth reviewers out there, i might use some norwegian and perhaps kotaku but , thats about it.
                    In the end i usually agree so , so with the user scores out there if is 90 then i know it most likely good, there will never be a user scoe of 10 .. and for me the magic nr is above 9.1 there is alot of games on user scoes between 8.8-9.1 on metacritic and thats good and all but , above that not many..
                    take hltb persona 4 golden is the highest rated game there with 97% i think it had 98 a week ago , tied with witcher 3…

                  • hmm i see. Yeah there probably some bad rated games out there that it think is plainfun , i always liked medal of honor rising sun or james bond everything or nothing, but defien super low? 4?5?

                  • Sorry i meant what does this phrase mean “go to genre?”

                    Yes thats true. And thats the reason i think score perhaps should be removed or redone or changed to just good and excellent etc.
                    Here the thing while is intersting to see say a rpg lover review rpg ,and get they input it might be slight biased especilaly if the rpg they review is part of a series the love…
                    I dont think a rpg hater should review a rpg game either because then the rpg game will get to low of score and the chance that the score will be looked at objectivle is harder if hates the genre , the same ofc countsw as i said for someone who loves the genre so something in between would be good.
                    The thing is a looked at alot of biased review and non biased review. I dont mine reviewers like your and so on. But there is something wrong when one reviewer give a game a 5 and then another a 10. If there is 3-4 point different say 7-10 and perhaps even 5 perhaps i can get it ,but 5-6 point that is much

                    I think most proffesinal reviewer at least those on ign , gamespot and so on should in some extent go by some list witch factor:
                    Replayvalue ( ofc dont every genre need this)
                    Graphic/ aesthetics ( for is time)
                    and so on and etc.

                    Ofc the subjective and thats why i always find it hard when we say that a game is the best … i mean in a direct comparsion i dont think is possible to compare portal 2 with for exampel max payne 2 or persona 4 golden or tales of symphonia etc.

                    I mean does all of this make sense?

                    • Oh, I think people would say “go to genre” to mean the genre they play most, or their first choice, something like that.

                      Reviews are always going to be subjective, so I don’t think we’ll ever really escape that. Even with a good/excellent/etc. system instead of numbers, they would still vary wildly.

                      And yeah, lots of games just can’t be compared to each other easily.

                    • i see thanks.

                      yeah i guess. But i still kind of feel that good/excellent while it will vary it might not vary as much at least with that people might actually play 8/10 games because as of no anything less then 8 , there was a time when 7 was considered good anything less then an 8 now is just horrendus after many ppl opinions. While i dont play much games on 7 if the critic and user score is the same acrros metacritic, gamefaq, hltb and even imdb (dont like this site when it comes to game reviewers tbh ,a little but, not much) then from my experience the game is a either to unorginal or have to many bugs.

                      Yeah , so when people say for example that max payne 2 is better then a rpg in the end is just a matter of opinion and perspective and so on

      • btw you mean nintendo renew … how often is that?

    • True, the numbers have gotten a little out of hand.

      • yeah and is so clearly shown with all those awards, and awardsm eans everyhting and so on. Doesnt help with the hype either.
        Somethingi time and time shwo when i talk to the last of us fans… witch a pretty bad imo

        • Oh well. The best thing to do is just to read the content of reviews, see what fans are saying, check out the gameplay, etc.

          • sorry for the bad english, but that was my point about tlou first the use awards as an excuse ( even tough skyrim has more reader and witcher overall has the most) and if that doesnt work they end up using something else like critic list. I suggest playing the game arguably on grounded for the best experience.
            Anyway yeah i guess is best just to read the content of the reviw-

            • Haha, yeah. Although I can see why, when a game gets lots of good reviews and rewards, people talk about that when trying to convince people to try a game, for example.

              • yeah i guess, but the hype can get so unreal. And is unfair comparing today games with games from 10 years ago when it comes to awards.

                • That’s true.

                  Oops, I just noticed I typed “rewards” instead of “awards” in my previous message.

                  • hehe no worries , i think i got that .
                    I think people need to just relise that some games arent for everyone. That every game arguably has it fair share of minor flaws or think that could probably be done better. That some games are more popular. That reviwers might be more friendly now and some of the magic old games had imo , some new games does have it , but most old games had that magic.
                    Anyway is opinion and they are alot of good games and popular games out there
                    Perhaps even some games is a little to popular and is to popular because the last time a game in that genre and settings has been shit the last year and finaly there was a good game in the genre/setting.

                    • That’s definitely true. There are some games I love, but I know they wouldn’t be for everyone.

                    • Yeah and it just bothers be to see alot of flaws getting overlooked, i mean there was a time it still is when we get a little mad of graphic downgrade , but ai downgrade thats just fine i guess..

                      Anyway world of fantasy comes out tommorow dont it?
                      i was planing to buy civ 6 two days ag oand order the limited eiditon , ofc it get sold out , then one by one each web store get sold out even with the regular game.

    • Ah yeah, good point.

      Yep! There’s a World of Final Fantasy demo out, too, although it just kinda throws you into a short dungeon to let you see what combat and monster-capturing is like.

      Wow. o_o

      • yeah thanks. I have to start doing what you said try to ignore all those negative , hostile people on the nett.

        yeah damn alot of supposedly good games coming now, bf 1, civ 6, world of final fantasy even titanfall 2 looks to be good.

        • Fuck i posted to early, at least black friday in a month and thanks for that this has to be the year were there is alot of “good games” coming out. We will see, i be honest at this rate when it comes to reviews ,gamers and so on i dont know i feel kind of a little burned out.. perhaps i will play in two years time , i hope i will but at this rate i might as well take a long break.

      • also old post but just read it http://www.eurogamer.net/articles/2015-02-10-eurogamer-has-dropped-review-scores
        and i kind of agree i think scores should be dropped using worth as essintals is better or something, i mean you know how i feel these days about reviewers, there very few a trust… i find your reviewers honestly very good, i find superbunnyhop when he do a review also pretty good and totalbusciut but he makes usually early impressions.

        wow one of the store emailed me and got in 25th annvisary editon of civ 6 , is the second collector editon i think a bought so buy them very rarely and buy new pc games even more rarely. It got good reviews so far and is a gmae that as people say msot likely will be better by every patch/dlc or expansion pack they release.

      • sorry for multiple post ,but i am i wrong if i think some people evulate the opinions on review scores to much or other people opinion also the bandwagon?

        what is the lates games you finsihed or rather what is 25 games you finished this year? and perhaps you could even rate them from a ebst to worst list

        • Yeah, I’ve heard pretty good things about Civ 6, although it’s not really my genre. I watched Game Informer’s Test Chamber of it yesterday (where they play a little bit of a new game to show people what it’s like).

          Yeah, some people definitely put too much stock in review scores. I try not to, especially since I enjoyed some games that have absolutely abysmal scores, hahaha.

          *points toward my backlog meter* I reached my goal of completing 30 games! 31 actually, after last night. Hmm, to talk about them further, maybe we should move to the relevant blog post, where I vowed to play at least 30 games in 2016: http://www.samanthalienhard.com/2016/01/operation-backlog-completion.html

          • yeah i know i am not that much into 4k strategy game myself ,but civ is just yeah that is a game for me , i took 160 + hrs on civ 5 before i finally managed to win an earth round vs the ai… I hope civ 6 arrive today or tommorow at my postbox. IF not i will play some more kotor 2 i might actually play some kotor 2 until friday.

            i tried point on you backlog meter didnt get naything.
            congrats with 31 games completed i think i have 20 or so this year… with alot of games near completion like beyond two souls, to the moon, and mark of the nina . Almost forgot and dark souls and bloodborne.

            yeah that sounds like a good idea thanks for the link

            • Enjoy!
              KotOR 2 is pretty good, although it was rushed. I think we might have discussed that before.

              Yeah, I didn’t get the meter to do anything too fancy except fill up as I progressed, haha.
              Nice! How have you been enjoying To the Moon?


              • yeah we have touched kotor 2. Playing with the restoraion mod so alot the ut out content is included.

                “points toward my backlog meter” then what did you mean with that … or i am mistaken or seeing this the wrong way ? i mean thats why i asked what 25 games you finished ( meant 30 as it is 30 games you finished sorry) .. we will take that convo at the other link you linked me… The plugin is fancy enough tough

                I have enjoyed the two frist hrs of to the moon, so yeah its been good so far.
                What is that one of the gew games that seem to can make me sort of forgetting about other games being rainbow six vergas 1/2 with friend and perhaps persona 4 golden or the jak games for is humor.

                • what some great games you liked that got abysmal scores?

                • Ah, okay. πŸ™‚

                  The meter is completely filled now. That’s all I meant by it. xD

                  I still haven’t played Persona 4 Golden. I need to get it.

                  Amy stands out as the game I’ve enjoyed that got the worst scores. It averages a 25 on Metacritic for one version and 33 for the other version. xD

                  • I see. Sorry for that πŸ™‚

                    yeah take your time is one of those games i would regard especially if love rpg as essentials. Or must play/try at least.

                    nice. 25 and 33 isnt high indead…

                    • It’s definitely on my list to try. πŸ˜€

                      Yeah, Amy was blasted by critics and users alike. To be fair, I played it after a patch that fixed some of the worst issues, like a game-breaking glitch.

                      And to answer your other question, I have Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines, but I haven’t played it yet.

                    • nice. Btw we probably talked about ,but is suggested to try persona 3 first btw.

                      I See. Well perhaps it was for the better that you waited after the glitch…

                      I see. Well is recommended.

                      Did you watch the last ff xv trailer … that was a damn great trailer ,even tough i take that the trailer is what could happend in the future if king reigis didnt what it did… ps if you end up watching at 3.25 is that luna? if so it seems fro mthe voice that she had to sacrifice something

    • Yep, I’ve heard that, although since I don’t mind older games, I might still play P4G first. (The main reason I’ve heard to play 3 first is that it might be difficult to go back to the older gameplay.)

      The new FFXV trailer was EPIC! (So is the new KH2.8 trailer, but I would not recommend watching it until after you’ve played Birth By Sleep.)

      Which line? I thought the dialogue in that part sounded like a conversation between Noctis and Luna when they were kids, although I’m not sure I’ve heard their English voices as kids before.

      • yeah . The main difference is that in persona 3 you can only give order to you memeber unless you get the psp version tough witch i heard is consider a little bit worse. Both are excellent games witch each their pro and cons…and by cons i dont mean clear faults but rather persona 3 focus on something and 4 focus on something else.

        All right i will skip the new 2.8 trailer.

        The trailer was indead epic. I am will show you the line when i get home. I just remebered it seemd like Luna had to do something . Also some argue that this is was happens of noctis travelled alone… because well not unless you want to i wish could talk a bit about that trailer… even tough it will be theories.

        • Right, I’ve heard the PSP version adds a female character with some slightly different story stuff and lets you control your fully party in battle, but also has no overworld or animated cutscenes, or the story’s epilogue.

          Yeah, I’ve heard the main theory, that this omen Regis has is of what will happen if Noctis goes alone, so he sends the other three with him to avert it.

          • yeah thats sounds about right. I still thinkoverall the fes version is still the suggested once. I also think and from what i gather as you say no overworld instead of walking you have to click around still both versions good.
            The thing even if you cannot control your party memebre in fes you can order them and is not that hard, be aware and this counts for golden too the major bosses actually take some time to beat especially the last boss.

            Hmm yeah that sounds about right
            at 3.26/27 is the first phrase with Luna
            Then she says i wont let you down… i dont know to who Noctis? Regis?
            and then something weird at 3.32/33?
            btw at 3.38 is that Noctis scream or do he actually say something?

            • also i am looking at steam and thinking about buying hatoful boyfriend, my friends will probably look weird at me but fuck that if the game is as good as you say i will have fun now do you know what is the difference between hatoful boyfriend and hatoful boyfriend collector editon .
              Same goes for hatoful boyfriend holiday star and its collector edition is holiday star anygood , worth playing it too?

              • All right, I’ll keep that in mind. πŸ˜€

                Hmm… I think the voice that says “I won’t let you down” is a younger Noctis, and the one who replies, “I know you won’t” is younger Luna.

                It sounds like Noctis’s scream to me at 3:38.

                Yay! Give Hatoful Boyfriend a chance!
                The Collector’s Edition just includes an artbook, soundtrack, stuff like that, nothing new for the game itself.
                Holiday Star is worth playing if you like the first one.

                • HMm thanks. I actually taught It was Luna who said i wont let you down… thats why i taught she had to sacrifice something ,but how you figured “I know you” wont i have no clue thanks. Omg when i listened to it now when you said it was “I know you wont”
                  Btw at 3.08 “i am the choosen” Luna or Nocits , i have feeling is Noctis, but if so the “yes”, mut be Luna also ” I guess i can do it ” that has to be Luna right? Still it sound liek it this trailer she had to make a sacrifice.
                  Still thanks

                  Thanks, makes sense.

                  Hmm , i see so if i do like the first one, then the second is worth it… witch means the second one is pretty good too… if you were to rate them?

                  Well is like what a dollar extra for the soundtrack and so one thats worth it even if is digital , i can just copy the soundtrack and burn it to the cd… yeah i like gaming soundtrack, have plenty of cd and cd covers i can use. Well 3-4 dollars for collector editon yeah well that is worth it.
                  Still i am really liking it that you said YAY: )
                  Just finished Kotor 2 .

                  • This is how the conversation sounds to me:
                    Noctis: And I’m the chosen.
                    Luna: Yes.
                    Noctis: I guess I could do it. I won’t let you down!
                    Luna: I know you won’t.

                    Holiday Star isn’t as good as Hatoful Boyfriend, but if you like the first one, it’s very interesting. It’s almost like an alternate route, so it doesn’t take the first game’s “true ending” into consideration, but expects the player to have already seen that.

                    Sounds great! πŸ˜€

                    • Hmm well it makes alot more sense that way instead of luna three x times.
                      Still is pretty clear she will have a part to play, Square also teased that they wil be more dlc then announced with playable females, and Luna, Gentiana and Aranea is probably the most likely.

                      i see, thanks, sounds intersting that it chooces an alternate route. There is quite some or atleast some few games sequels out there that doesnt take the true ending of is predecessor into consideration

                      just bough hatoful boyfriend before the sale ended…

      • Hopefully they won’t go too far with DLC.

        Enjoy Hatoful Boyfriend! πŸ˜€

    • The Ruby/Sapphire/Emerald generation was never my favorite, but I finally got Omega Ruby because I want to play the Delta Episode. I’m still near the beginning of the game, though, haven’t played too much.

      A code for Hoopa recently came out for people who didn’t get it in stores, which is how I got it. I don’t think I have any of those other ones.

      I got Pokemon Bank back when it came out, but I haven’t done much with it since I don’t usually trade Pokemon from one generation to the next like a lot of people do.

      • I see, i havent play black and white, two reasons i didnt like diamond and pearl, perhaps was a bit burned out by pokemon and my ds got broken.

        i see. Do you remember what code you used was it 2016Hoppa?

        I decided to go for pokemon bank is like 40buck for a year and hopefully sun is good ,it also let me being able to trad eover lucario and so on to my omega ruby + manaphy , etc and some other legendaries that i will now have 2 of i can trade off Diancie , Hoope because i tried some of the code for it ,it didnt work, dont say you have 2? Also Thundrus so i can get and catch Landerus etc.

        • Black/White are actually among my favorites! They actually have a pretty good story, which isn’t typical in the series.

          Yep, the code was something like that.

          I don’t think I have 2 of any of them.

          • Could you check if there is some legendaries you have 2 off? also you know you can transfer from black and white with poke transporter to omega ruby and y?

            What is your favourite generation ? both when it comes to games and pokemon, you have black and white among your favourites or are they your favourites. I always found hoeen to be the last great place, y is actually not that bad or Kalos.
            Well i am always been two sided about that i probably prefer gen 3 of pokemons games / omega ruby even tough the 6 gen… so kind off i prefer the last gen because for all purposes y was quite alot better then diamond and pearl imo, i have no clue why you dont like it.

            But when it comes to pokemon i might go towards 2 second even tough first gen has some of my fav and gen 3 has Salamnece, Swampers, Sceptile, The three rocks if you can call them that, rauquaza, deoxys ,armaldo and metagross etc.
            But , the later gen has Lucario, Geninja, Emboar, Garachomp etc.

            The thing that makes me like omega ruby so much is the delta episode, being able to use latios/latias without fly… and a harder league with 70 + pokemon that i always miss , one of the reasons i liked leaf green.

            I see , it tried that code didnt work for me i also tried Hoopa2016

            • I don’t have any doubles in Omega Ruby or Y, and I don’t think I do in the previous games either. I’ve never been much for transferring them, because I like to keep them all in their own games. xDD

              My favorite generation is Gold/Silver (and HeartGold/SoulSilver, which I’d recommend over the originals), followed by Black/White.

              X/Y disappointed me because Black/White gave me new standards for the storytelling the series was capable of, and X/Y’s story was really weak in comparison to me. The post-game was also disappointing, except for the Looker side quest, and I disliked how much more linear everything was.

              I’m very interested to see what the Delta Episode is like. I’ve heard it has good writing.

              I looked it up. The Hoopa event was brought back for North America near the start of October and ended on October 9.

              • hmm i can see that, i am not much of transfering between a generation to another . But between a game in the same gen i find more then ok. but point taken. I am pretty itchy towards trading of legendaries… but as i got doubles on some do to mystery gift … one for each copy and i also got one two of volcanion got three codes from norwegian web store that i contacted we email could only have 2 tough. And same with darkai and Arceus that got sold in a toy shop , i got one and my mom was kind enough to go in after and ask for another, also i have 2 or actually 3 zygarde one catched in y and two from mystery gift.

                Hmm always wanted to try the remake. But is probably pretty hard to find them here in norway. Ofc i just cheked 365 games does have soul silver for a decent price. When did pokemon games start with no new game? So you like the second gen best , both from pure games point of view but, also from new pokemons?

                I see. I never played black and white so i cant really compare beside that i know black and white has the best pokemon story and was quite hard to i think.
                Still i loved y because it was the first new pokemon game i had played sinxe diamon and pearl and i felt the more modernized city, the new pokemon and setting was great
                anyway , point taken i can see why you think it was linear even tough most pokemon games has been that and the story wasnt that good , i can see that too. Never really played pokemon for its story ,but i see where you at that you exept a better story when black and white was that good.

                Delta episode is actually great , very good , finished it, but i never get to get a rayquaze nor deoxys with a good nature, i prefer both with good nature , but would love to have deoxys with decent / good nature

                I see, well it wouldnt work in norway then i guess. Still your lucky , you dont wanna trade him?

                lol doing a 6v6 now. He used rayquaze first and me wavile , both megas i get 3 hp left, one hit him, dies from his genosect uses haxorus with right nature ,but not more then that beat genosect with 18 hp left , he sends out girantina i get out of confusion that i got do to outrage, i used slag, dragon pulse and 2 x outrage before his girantina. Then outrage one hit him. He uses lucario kills my haxorus. I send out swampert one hit his Lucario. His tortera kills my swampert. My roserade kills his torterra .. His heatran kills my roserade , iforgot it was immune to toxic. His on his last pokemon i have now my gastedron and magnezone left. Ofc when he uses hetran vs my gastetrod. He use cunch i use muddy water his down at 45 and we get dc. Sorry for that . anyway my point was i meet this guy on the web under how to get dialga, palkia and giratina on youtube… he gave me his dialga for free πŸ™‚
                Worst thing is only 3- 4 of those pokemon i used is pokemon with good nature , only magnezone , wavile , gastradon was planned to be used… even tough i am thinking about haxorus until the last few days were i might go for noivern or a legandry or something haha.

                Anywya great suprising day with a “free” dialga , lol he got cyndaquil he said whatever pokemon…

                • I think I transferred a few version exclusives between White and White 2.

                  What do you mean by no new game?
                  Yeah, the second generation is my favorite… but I’m probably biased because it’s the generation I started playing with. So it holds that special place in my heart as my first Pokemon game.

                  I never played Pokemon for the story either, until Black/White. xD I remember when I first started up the game and the intro started playing, I immediately checked the case to make sure I really had put in Pokemon and not some regular JRPG. xDDD

                  I’ve never done much Pokemon trading, but maybe sometime.

                  Oh, that’s cool. πŸ™‚

                  • i see.

                    I mean in omega ruby and y you cant do a new game. Not that i want to i like the option is not there and that if you want to you have to force it.
                    My first gen was actually the first gen lol… still when it comes to pokemon i kind of feel the later gen is great but, gen 2 and 3 was fantastic. Some pokemon i didnt like 10 or so years sago when i played diamond and pearl i like now…

                    Lol haha, i guess thats a little cool.
                    What starter did you start with a Y?
                    Anyway still i am trying to find someone who wants to trade me / lend me a hoopa… so if you decide to do it or a thinking about give me a call will you`

                    What i meant with Haxorus with decent nature what that his movepool and the item he has is so far bad. Slag=slash lol.

                    right now i am conflic about using a full on legendary team
                    or using 1-2 legendary + 4non
                    or using a full non legendary and if i do magenzone, mawile and gastrodon is probably the only one set with metacross, tyanitar and salamence being an option lol

                    Yeah thanks. Yesterday i found someone who gave me a level 100 xernas with great moves , a very good nature and shiny for free for a cyndaquil….

                    So i am done to try to find how i can best get thundurus, hoopa, diancie, zekrom
                    Zekrom and thundurs for Keyuem and Laundorus.

                    Then how to get zapdos/moltres/lugia/latias/kyogre at least on my pokedeks πŸ™‚

                    anyway thanks and sorry for that.
                    Managed after 2 -3 hrs yesderay and also combined with the day before to catch a good Coballion

              • IF you dont want to minor spoil the delta episode skip my 4 th PARAGRAPH

                • On phone will read your post more closely tommorow . But two things i got three codes for volcanion two used because It seems the game doesnt want me to use more then one Code for a mystery gift per game. Witch thus makes me unsure as i used one on y and 2 on omega were it says you have all ready used one wether it is due to limit or anything i dont know witch can have made it invalid…

                  2 yes while i havent finished x2. Becsuse stuck at loading screen .. x-3 is a possibility. And same i dont know why lighting is that popular either

                • i agree multiple save files wouldnt hurt… especially since the pokebank is all ready out… ofc i think that if you accidently rpess delete on a save in that case that it should be a double confirmation or that it sends the pokemon automatically to pokebank

                  i see . Still what happens to the last code i have left? erased , still works if i give it to someone else?
                  Again i got 3 codes .
                  2 tried on omega ruby , first one worked , the second one said i all ready got it thus is that one invalid.
                  i used 1 og y + the one that was all ready saying it was used on omega ruby + ofc the first code to be sure i havent mixed it up. So in the end 2 codes activated and the third one what about that? i guess if i give it to someone in euorpe it could work

                  Yesterday i got thundurs for a regular pokemon i dunno what think it was abosnow or something
                  I got Zekrom for Dragonite…
                  I gto Xernas (2 time) but why not for a Magnesium

                  I traded Celebi for a Kyogre
                  And i got Zapdos for Zygarde ( witch i had 3 of)

                  I had 2 celebi now 1 so i sort of regret it as it was one those pokemon i really wanted on 2 gen same with mew that i still havent got anyway…

                  I dont really need more then one Celebi so is fine.
                  got 351/724 or so pokemon with the biggest problem being getting my hands on
                  Lugia/Latias/Mew,Hoopa and Diance

                  and the regulars usknoir / Electrive, Magmortar, Accelogor / Escalvier / Porygon 2 / Porgyon Z / Rhyperior / Kingdra / Slurpuff / Scizor / Slow King / Spritzee.

                  • Maybe Sun and Moon will have multiple save files. It would be nice.

                    Hmm, yeah, I’d expect the remaining codes to still work for someone else.

                    Wow, nice! I never get remotely close to “catching them all.” XDD

                    • yeah perhaps

                      yeah but , i think they region locked.

                      Do you mind if you got mew and hoopa can you help me with those? anyway i got a lugia for a garachomp now….

                      yeah is not easy indead. I got 200/200 hoeen deks on sapphire/emerald

    • Gotcha, yeah.

      I don’t have Mew, but I could trade you my Hoopa.

      • that would be very awesome. Looking ages for someone to trade it to me. Closest i got was someone showing it to me on a trade. Second closes was someone who has it cloned says he can have it for volcanion then clone volcanion and trade it back , i mean i could do that, but i risk losing a volcanion with good nature… and getting a cool hoopa but, w not good nature and that cannot be used coopetavie, also the reason i dont want to trade a second volcanion is because both of mine volcanion has good nature and as long as i dont know if i can trade pokemon that i got in oras to sun/moon and back then i like to have one copy if it has been confirmed then i could trade one.

        In past gen you cant trade from gen 5-4 but 4-5 but we are in 2016 and with pokebank it should be possible to vice versa as long as the pokemon isnt exslcuve is 7gen or has a exclsuive move etc.

        Anyway if you have a Hoopa i would be happy if you could trade me one. what do you want for it?

        Also i dont want to be nagging or anything, i am sorry for that , but you wouldnt have a latias, moltress or a diancie too?

        Anyway here my FC : 2037-0849-7180ο»Ώ . Terminator

        When can you be on? my time now is 09.43 .I am home and playing around 16.00

        My friend let me borrow his mew yesterday for is pokedeks

        As of now my biggest concern for a full pokedeks is hoopa and diancie.
        Hoopa being solved now.
        Latias i might get from my friend in 2-3 weeks time
        Moltress hopefully from GTS or something

        • I added you. My FC is 1676-3696-5540, Sam.

          I checked to make sure I have Hoopa (but I don’t have Latias, Moltres, or Diancie). Since I just started Omega Ruby and never got any of the event Pokemon in Pokemon Y, just about anything special would be a good trade. XD What do you have to trade?

          I’ll be on most of today, so we should be able to find a time. Wow, it’s been a long time since I traded Pokemon.

        • Also, it might make sense to move this conversation to one of my Pokemon posts, since that’s what we’re mainly discussing now.

  3. i dont know if i asked where you from us ? uk ?

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