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Jul 052017

While I never became interested enough in Episode Gladiolus to buy it, Episode Prompto caught my attention.

Prompto isn’t my favorite of the party members (that would be Ignis), but he has one of the more interesting stories. Final Fantasy XV also left him with gaping plot holes thanks to its bizarre handling of a certain revelation.

His DLC episode fills in those holes, while also letting the Empire’s mad scientist take a stronger role in the story. One of the things that disappointed me the most in Final Fantasy XV was that Verstael only had a single scene. Why give a villain one scene and never show him again?

I still think Verstael’s role and the explanations surrounding Prompto should have been in the game to start with, but at least Episode Prompto finally brings them into the light.

Since Prompto fights with guns, Episode Prompto feels somewhat like a third-person shooter rather than an RPG… which is interesting, if a little odd. You also get a snowmobile to zoom around in during certain sections. It’s largely linear, but still allows for a little exploration.

I’m in it for the story, though, and that aspect satisfied me. In addition to cutscenes, the story is also told through optional documents and logs you find in the facility. I love that kind of storytelling, and I wish Final Fantasy XV used that more to flesh out its world.

Plus, Verstael. Mad science. Good stuff.

Prompto’s internal conflict and development are also handled well. If you’ve played Final Fantasy XV, you probably can guess when this DLC takes place, because it’s when Prompto gets separated from the group. And if you’ve watched the anime episode about Prompto, you might remember that he had some self-esteem issues (and still does).

These elements come together in a satisfactory way that resonated with me, and I was invested in Prompto’s journey–always a good sign for storytelling.

Episode Prompto only lasts a couple hours, but it adds welcome information to Final Fantasy XV’s scattered storytelling. Here’s hoping Episode Ignis does the same… and I’m patiently waiting for Ardyn DLC to be announced.

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